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  • can i please get some opinions on these beautiful things.
    they look nice and all. but i cant help thinking they would only be
    comfy for granny with a leather arse.
    im only looking to get one of the 40-70 quid ones but i really want to
    get some info before i part with my slave labour cash.

    thank you!

  • Some people swear by them. Some people swear at them.
    Buy. Try. If you don't like there's ebay.

  • cool. i have a specialized piece of shit.
    i didnt think how important a good seat is untill i got mine grrrr.

    more opinions would be lovely!

  • ive got a couple of massive gel seats/cushions.
    i think they were bought for the women in my family???

  • brooks are beautiful just don't overtighten them coz they don't like it!!

  • I got a B17 for £24

    it's been great, always comfy, did creak for a while which made me insane.

    so I replaced it with a turbo for a while until it learned it's lesson. now it's back on.

    Try one,cheap enough to give it a go, but you might want the narrow version if you are a skinny arse.

  • Well after using Selle Italia Flite for ever I'm now a big fan of the 135g Selle Italia SLR. You need to find the saddle that works with your backside.
    I tried Brooks and hated it but many thousands of riders doing more kays than me love them. Audaxers rave about the bloody things! :)

  • yep, I had an slr 135 and it hurt like fuck after a while. My sit bones are too wide for those real narrow ting.

    felt like my bollocks were doing all the sitting, instead of all the talking like they usually do.

  • Were your sitbones on the wide bit? I think the Flites are wider along their length, like the Fiziks.
    Do you still have the SLR? I want another one for the Soma, as well as a 17T 3/32 cog and working steerer!!

  • nah flogged it.

    it wasn't too bad really, but the brooks is a lot more up my street. Or rather it's less "up my street" which is better.

  • hehe I getcha.

  • i have a pro team got it at bricklane bikes for £12!!! broken in a while ago so nice and soft, i find it comfy but my toupe's the shizzel and weighs a 3rd of the brooks.

  • brooks are really comfy, but they do creak a bit which can be irritating at times

  • Sheldon brown has a cheat on how to condition them fast so that they stop hurting your ass. I am debating that too, but am leaning towards no because I sometimes do park in the rain and when i got hit the only thing that got really scruffed was the saddle. I do need a new saddle because mine is too broad and when I sit on it properly it presses against the mucles on the inside and back of my legs.

  • My only problem with Brooks is this: They're too damn expensive to just 'try'.

    How do I know whether that B17t is good for my arse without outlaying £100 to find out? For £100 I can get a tried and tested Fizik Aliante which CycleFit will let me try before I buy on their size cycle.

  • yeah i think i may just go for a selle flite.
    i really like the look of the brooks seats but dont want to risk having
    an uncompatible arse.
    oh well

  • you just get the one with steel rail not titanium ones for £ 35, or buy second hand.
    Brooks are good looking saddles, made with good quality leather, but don't have ,at least i think they don't, have the scientific studies behing 'em. And also don't think anybody on the Tour de France is riding on brooks.

  • i recently purchased a fixie from Steves from this forum (she's doing great steve, thanks!) and he kindly gave me an old brooks saddle as i had none. Well, now i know how that poor chap in barrymores swimming pool felt

    nuff said eh.

  • hahaha i think i may leave them alone.

    anyone recommend a decent reasonbably priced modern saddle?

  • have you tried tensioning it?
    mine hurt until i did.

  • joe_b hahaha i think i may leave them alone.
    anyone recommend a decent reasonbably priced modern saddle?

    ebay for used Selle Italia Flites (which I like) or San Marco Rolls (which I hate)

  • Stef have you tried tensioning it?
    mine hurt until i did.

    how do i do that stef? i had it pretty tight and it came loose the other day actually

  • i have a s/h team pro which is very soft and quite comfy but i could do with a narrower one like a swift or swallow, if anyone has one of these they don't want let me know.

  • ah the san marco one is a bit more appealing due to the price difference when new!

    although the flite has more reccomendations.

    decisions, decisions!!!

  • to tension it you just gotta rotate that bolt at the top end of the saddle, take it easy as you can skerw the thing like that.
    you can you use an adjustable spanner of to make your life easier , the special spanner you shou've got with your saddle or can purchase from most bike shops that sell brooks.

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Brooks Saddles

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