Stolen condor 8 july 2007

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  • Had my condor pista fixed wheel stolen on Sunday 8 july 2007 from Great Eastern street shorditch London. It is cream with brown lettering brown brooks leather tape, and a big chip in the top bar of the frame. If anyone see it or gets hold of it i will pay a reward

    Sam Dormer


  • That sucks :( What was the lock/ what was it locked too?

  • It was a kriptonite new york lock was behind a 10 foot locked gate, chained to some scaffolding the bastards just took it appart.

  • They took the scaffolding apart to get a bike? Wow, dedication.

    Sucks loads, but you've got to half admire the persistence. It's also the last time I lock to scaffolding.

  • sorry to hear that man, seems to be happening alot lately

  • Brick Lane on Sunday for me!!

  • alot of us should be down that way on sunday,let us know.....for some support if you need it

  • Keep your eyes peeled if your down that way on sunday

  • there always peeled mate:)

  • How'd they get behind the gate?

  • who know it has big spike on the top to, I have tried to climb over before when I have forgot my key and almost killed myself. Must have been a few of them.

  • anyone ever heard of someone finding a thieving bastard with their bike and beating
    them horribly i'd love to hear some stories i bet there are a few around.
    a smackhead told me he was going to stab me once, when i tricked him into giving me my
    friends bike he stole and i rode it ride in front of two policemen that i had just called, lol!
    he threw a knife in a bin down the road 5 minutes after the police gave him a caution because
    he only "found" the bike.
    crazy shit.
    oh and two weeks later i saw him getting stamped on for punching a kid in the face with a fishing hook in his hand.
    ambulance came he was sick couldnt breath and a baseball bat got a little bit of involvement to.
    good times

  • best i heard was on the internet somewhere .
    someone caught a thief red handed, D-locked his neck/head to a railing, invited mates down to piss on him, walked off...
    (you aint going to be able to lever a D-lock off with someone's neck in it!)

  • LOL! that is brilliant.
    pissing on??? i thought a seatpost up the bum would be a better punishment.

    what is he going to do?

    "hello is that the police ive just been raped by a seatpost"
    "i was stealing someones bike"
    "hahaha piss off"

  • Lois, with that seatpost up his bum it reminds me of your former nickname, shitting crikey!

    I think i fancy using a kryptonite mini for the neck of those cnuts.

  • got a picture of your bike fridge? let's all get down to brick lane with d-locks and a few rusty seatposts. ouch.

  • bloody hell it was a krypto NY.
    i was about to buy one but im now having second thoughts.

    does anyone know what is the BEST lock you can get???

  • joe_b bloody hell it was a krypto NY.
    i was about to buy one but im now having second thoughts.

    does anyone know what is the BEST lock you can get???

    Joe - they took the scalfolding apart not the lock. Theres not any lock that will prevent that.

    The best current lock you can get is probably the Krypto NYC D-lock IMHO. Abus also make some mighty fine locks. But nothing is going to prevent a determined tooled-up theif.

  • what model condor was it man?
    there's a guy on gumtree selling one.

  • oh right sorry ill read a bit more before asking sily questions!
    ill prob get one then. i have some shitty hryptonite cable thing
    that my dad doesnt use any more and i feel pretty unsafe locking my bike
    with it. i dont really want to spend 50+ on a lock but i expect i would feel
    like i should of if my bike is pinched! NY's are bastard heavy though!

  • No that one on gumtree is not mine saw that so posted a reward notice for mine

  • Got no pics either only had it 6 months, luckily did not pay full wack for it got it off Fish from condor

  • joe_b, Kryptonite NYs are bastard heavy and expensive for the same reason they keep your bike secure. Not much getting round that I'm afraid.

  • cool i think ill order one off wiggle seems like the cheapest place :)

  • joe_b cool i think ill order one off wiggle seems like the cheapest place :)


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Stolen condor 8 july 2007

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