Headset needed

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  • Black 1" ahead are the essential requirements....anyone?

  • Prolly easier to get a 1 1/8" one. Is there a shim/adaptor you can buy put on the fork that allows it?

  • I have a silver 1" campy ahead that I'm not using.

  • get a 1 1/8" would be easier but you try fit that ona 1" steerer tube...

  • cyclebasket's got some cane creek for less than £20, i'm just trying to get something without having to risk missing the courier or something

  • just get rid of the handlebars. you don't need steering. that's the next step after brakeless.

  • ye but i still need the fork to be mounted in wif sumfink innit?

  • "I thought it was just bad hemorrhoids and then THIS came out!"

  • just weld it up

  • Hey Stef,
    I have a black 1" tange cane creek headset i'm not using at the minute...

  • With the look on his face... I'd say the former..

  • There are other ways to wire it up...

  • I did ok in electronics classes..

  • Lois Einhorn Hey Stef,
    I have a black 1" tange cane creek headset i'm not using at the minute...

    cool what's the damage?

  • hey got itm millenium black one inch a headset if you still need one.....

  • ok if Lois doesn't get back to me i'll have yours, otherwise i'll have the chapest.
    How much do you want for it?

  • is 15 quid fine????
    not working today so if you need it quick can meet somewhere in the eve.....east or ne or EC wherever.......

  • i'mbusy up to thursday...meet friday nite at the trackstand competition?

  • yeah cool......i thought you need it as fast as possbile that's why i asked....c u at the trackstands then.....

  • i'm waiting for my forks to be delivered today....frustrating stuff waiting for couriers to turn up.

  • sorry, any chance of getting it Thursday?

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Headset needed

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