Stage 2 Dunkerque - Gand

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  • looks pretty flat again sprinters stage mark cavendish to win ?

  • And Millar guaranteed to stay King of the Mountains! (What a laugh - mountains in Kent...).

    I think Millar might be able to hang on until the Alps...

  • Good finish Good finnish, well exciting.

  • that was quite clearly Cavendish who came down and looked injured in that major crash.....can't believe any of the dopes at Eurosport didn't pick up on that immediately.....

  • i could have sworn i saw sparks as a few bikes went skidding across the tarmac these crashes seem to be coming more and more regular a few of the riders were moaning about it passing over the finish line should something be done ? sprinter and 4 domestics for the last 1km rest peel off ? wider finish areas finishes on motorways wider carriageways finishes with no spectators and no barriers more hay bales and let the choas contuinue ? any opinions

  • Hubs with retractable spear heads, pedestrians weighed down with shopping bags, a couple of black cabs, a bendy bus plus a double decker coming the other way; and a segregated cycle lane for safety.

  • Trouble is, towns pay top dollar (or is that Euros?) to host a stage finish. They're not exactly going to want it to finish miles outside town on some dual carriageway bypass shit.

  • Just watched it - amazing crash...loved the way the riders were watching the screens to see who'd won!

  • winston: How could you tell it was Cavendish? I couldn't - other than he wasn't up with the other three T-Mobile guys.

    dicki: Nah, same amount of crashes as usual. It's always carnage in the early 'sprint' stages. Everyone's nervous, finishes are very fast, sprinters want wins. Sparks are common when metal hits tarmac at 60kph.

    Wonder how many retire from today - quite a few holding wrists and stuff..

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Stage 2 Dunkerque - Gand

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