Stage One - The Prologue

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  • I guess we will all have comments to make about various stages through the tour so a thread for each stage might be a good idea stop so lets start in the traditional way at the beginning, Stage One stop
    I just can't wait to see some of the TT bikes today stop they are usually the most interesting bikes with carbon aero wheels aero frames tt bars it's shame the coverage doesn't look at the bikes a bit more in detail stop they usually show from the top tube up or from a distance so you can't really see the bikes in all their glory stop maybe we should spam the uk tv coverage guys to do a bit more in depth on the bikes stop when they say send you e-mails to you know the questions you should be sending SHOW US YOUR BIKES stop

  • Good idea, I'm looking forward to today's event. Incidentally, the prologue is stage 0.

  • ooops..... i so sarry
    i guess tactics don't really come in today it's just pedal as fast and as hard as you can till your sick then pedal some more 9 - 10 mins of sheer hell .... what fun it is to be a pro rider
    who's gonna win ? wiggins or miller ? miller was playing it down last night on tele and he's not getting any younger

  • what time does it start

  • thats what i wanna know. im stuck here thinking 'where is everyone'?

  • Just got back. There was a lot of waiting around.

  • Likewise - great atmosphere but didnt get to see much - now watching it on eurosport!

  • Didnt see shit and all i could hear was Phil ligget in sorround sound around Hyde Park.

  • Cancellara is a bit good - 13secs faster than the second-place!

  • was a great day. those who rode in the LCC thingy had a decent spot to watch, sit and chill, the plebs on the other side had to stand 3 deep for hours with a poor view.
    was good to see everyone, i think we made a lot of noise :-)

  • that was fuckin ace.

    hope I didn't upset too many people with the drunken random shouting!

    sunburnt, dehydrated and nearly wiped out by a pink stretch limo on the way home.

    the perfect day.

    wicked to see you all! and meet those I haven't before.

  • I watched from the corner of Victoria Street/Buckingham gate. Was right at the front and saw everyone. Good to see some of the world's top riders making a bollocks of the corner. Miller looked so fast I was surprised he didn't finish higher. Cancellara looked awesome, the two old gnarleys next to me stopped gossiping about Vin Denson and gasped as he went by.

    I was wondering btw, how early do you reckon you would need to get to T-square for a cheeky ride down to Greenwich along the stage 1 route?

  • Awesome day, wandered round to loads of spots and saw some cool stuff. Then the Rapha ride afterwards which was fuckin great fun. Highgate hill was not!!

  • I was in the LCC bit, right in front of the big screen; saw the race and the coverage.

  • found out tonight that organisers and major sponsors of the tour the france dined with foo prepard by me and collegues, and all i got is some lousy jersey, a replica, 100% nylon no fancy my regular shitty pay obviously.

  • Great day out, good to see everyone!
    Pity about my shameful and embarassing drunken crashing on the way home, my back's not thanking me for that right now...

  • shit what happened mate?

    I've never ridden so drunk before.

    Jacques Cousteau!

  • Bonjour La Classe!
    F'ckin' top day out, got in at 1am after going up to the Rapha BBQ via Highgate Hill (the bazzdards!), did some serious mileage all-in-all!
    Clocked a few today going out to Greenwich for the start.
    Will post pics up soon.

    Brett: You were mash-up man! what happened a la crash?

  • All was going swimmingly until regaining my bike, at which point the beer/sun/dehydration really hit. Joined the ride North and stumbled a tad before starting, but on the way completely lost it (along with my power of speech) and went down like an absolute sack of shit - not once , but twice! Fairly embarassing in front of loads of people, and I had to apologise to some dude the second time for nearly taking him out with me. Was clear I was going nowhere but home after that, and managed to get an escort part of the way by a fairly concerned looking dicki - cheers mate!
    Back's been killing all day, but definitely deserved it - last time I do that!

  • You're way too fucking rock and roll for your own good, Brett!

    Bike Ok?

  • glad you made it home safe and sound stop highgate thurs ? stop

  • Managed to triple book myself on Saturday so I've only ther for 45 minutes! Got a couple of snaps for the paper then had to cycle back to Canary Wharf for my next job. Was awesome, pics up soon.

  • Some taken by my gf, some by me after I got sick of shepherding people across the road..­ls.php?album=147

  • Yeah goos day good day.

    Slam when did I miss you at the Ralpha bbq? I left about 10 pm very tired and slowly made way home.

    The riders on the way past my house where nearly as fast as me on my commute but there angles where well slack.

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Stage One - The Prologue

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