Pit Locks

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  • nope, you screw it in your hollow/threaded axle, with a washer and use the big bolt type yoke to tighten .....throw the other little nut away.
    will work on goldtec, phil, etc

  • why not put a lock thru the front wheel/frame?

  • fuck off :P
    saves carrying another lock

  • ...ridiculous. do you think the only way to get the wheel off is with a 'special special key'? Whats to stop some yoof bolt-cropping the nut off?

  • lpg, the nut is really low profile, there is no chance you could even scratch it with croppers, let alone get a grip with molegrips.
    and it was just another idea.

  • yeah murtle the NUT is hard to get to, put what about the cone thing that surrounds it?

  • you only screw this bit into your axles with the supplied nut/ key thingie

  • sorry thought u meant pitslocks

  • scott not scot if he's got crops then he can get through the lock too!....everbody is goin bolt crop crazy today....have B&Q been doing a special offer on them this week?....cos everyone seems to think that every bike thief is now walking round with 4ft crops???

    haha, yeah. Although, I am paranoid that there might just happen to be someone with a pair of 4ft crops who wouldn't mind my bike.

    Bolt cropper licenses. That'd sort a lot of problems. Well, perhaps. Why else do you need a bolt croppers unless your breaking into something that's either not yours or you've lost your key (and you'd probably call a locksmith)?

  • Non-conducting grips on the croppers dude, sorry.

  • you mean a sex doll?

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Pit Locks

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