New to Glasgow

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  • I'll be moving to Glasgow with my girlfriend in Spetember to study at the GSA. I was just wondering how the fixed-gear scene is in Glasgow and if there's anything we should know, any info will help. I heard that Glasgow will be getting a velodrome in 2010 (?)... Thanks.

  • invest in gore-tex

  • get to know the locals

  • Yeah. I just hope it's nice..hah. Does anyone know if bike-theft is high there ?

  • I usually use two mini U-locks..I just keep hearing that Glasgow is a very violent city..hah..I'll be coming there in September. I just want to find out all of the things to watch out for..

  • Glasgow is a cool place, like a mini London, but with less wnakers.... My girlfriend went to GSA - I'll tell u now that it is on top of one big fscking hill!! but really most of the area is quite flat, there are a couple of big hills in the middle of town. If your living in the West End or South of the river, Pollockshields etc. then you'll be cool with a fixed.

    I remember bidding on a track frame that had been used in Glasgow in ebay.... so someone must ride them up there. I'm thinking of moving up to Glasgow in the next few years, I do actually prefer the weather - maybe we'll pass each other on our fixies in the future sometime!

  • 46 x 16 will get you up any hill bar Kanchenjunga, so I wouldn't worry about fixed riding in Glasgow.
    Hell go one better - 48 x 18, now that is one sweet gear.

  • I definitely can't wait to meet some riders up there - I just hope they have some good bike shops.

  • It's great, a great place. Plenty of hills too (unlike this London lark, well maybe the road up to Hampstead) and you'll never see the nut-jobs. The only snag is that as it's not enormous you find yourself on the same routes quite quickly. Eglinton Road (at Bridge Street) is a serious bag of bullshit at rush hour.

    Best of all is few have jumped on the fixie band-wagon in the way they have down here (London), so it's really just those who know. You'll have a ball.

    Also, buy some Sealskinz...

    48 x 17 if you've had your porridge - c'mon the legs!

  • Also, buy some Sealskinz...

    And a steakie!

  • and some brown sauce.

  • Brooon Sauce!

  • and you'll need this (on your iPhone) ;-)

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New to Glasgow

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