Funny frame... help me build this thing!

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  • Tommo you are a nutcase! Reminds me of when i stupidly decided to take a link out of my chain to improve chain tension, leaving my back wheel teetering on the edge of the dropouts. Couple that to a 42-15 gear ratio and under-tightened bolt..... One second i was stomping on the pedals to set off over blackfriars roundabout, the next i was lying on my back watching my rear wheel bounce dangerously towards the thames while the rest of my bike ran over my foot. Good ole biking inexperience. And that's on a single-speed as well! hah god help me if i ever go fixed...

  • Haha, asm, that must have been quite a spectacle.
    If you took a link out of your chain and the wheel was teetering on the edge of the dropouts, what did it look like before you removed the link?
    Towing it along behind you?

  • Oh, you have a conversion I guess. That makes sense.

  • trixy, that was part of my plan, see where my luck goes i might end up with a pair of chrome forks for less than a tenner. the cheapo brake works fine on these forks now i might keep them as is for now, this was meant to be a cheap hack fix since i dont want to get my track frame exposed to the elements too much.

    asm that's something i never quite heard of, most people get thrown over the bars (stupid me i did that in front of everyone on sunday) but lying on your back... i'm pushing my imagination i still couldn't quite get it!

    tommo, any luck on finding carbon forks 1" threaded? as u know i'm looking for forks as well.

  • No luck, gonna keep my eye on the Bay.
    But I'm quite happy to use it in the meantime. As I say its not as bad as it looks.
    If I were to get 1 inch threadless forks, I could fit them right? I would need to change the headset bearings and stem though. I'm not going to do this, but I have always wanted to know if there is anything wrong with doing that.

  • think so, but wouldn't a normal 1 1/8" fit as well? some people do have 1 1/8" carbon forks on steel frames with aheadsets.
    i go for 1" threaded because i like the look of old skool headsets + stems. honestly i think threadless forks are much easier to fit since you don't have to worry about the thread. but of course you should keep your campy headset IMO.

  • there are some nice
    tommasini chrome forks going on ebay at the moment but they're 50 quid 'buy it now'.

  • dang thats a beauty...
    but the forks themselves cost more than the frame i got... and this is supposed to be a cheapo hack!
    maybe you should alert the folks in ebay/craiglist finds

  • Unfortunatly there no good for me either, the steerer is about 15mm to short. Damn.
    One of my mates got a set of LOOK forks off eBay that would have fitted mine fine, he cut them short and had them re threaded. for his beater!!!
    I should have conviscated them.

  • you should have!
    bet that pair of LOOK forks are crying and eating road dirt.
    i have better conscience than that!

  • Yeah tommo my bike is a raleigh 10 speed conversion... looking at frames for a fixie at the moment... there's an armstrong frame sitting at £10 at the moment on ebay, looks pretty cool (please don't somebody buy it now i've said that). From my limited research armstrong frames tend to be quite old... the newest example i've found was from the 60s. think the company was taken over by raleigh. The frame is probably a piece of crap but as i'm sure you'll understand i don't really trust myself with expensive things...... hehe

  • hey tommo get a bit off brass brazed into the drop outs to give you more clearance

  • A mate of mine used to put ball bearings on the axle with a bit of grease... then nip the nuts up.
    this was done for grass track where nobby tyres are used.

  • Thread dredge from hell...

  • Tommo, sorry if this is out of place, but I reckon the risks of so little clearance at the fork crown are very high. If your tyre picks up anything at all, a twig or small stone ,maybe a bottle cap, you'll just get flicked over the top.

    Not sure if links to other forums are allowed, apols if not. This is about mudguards but the principle is the same:­5&t=26761&start=15#p211339

    Fork might be easiest to get a threadless like this - carbon fork with 1" steerer and 300 mm at Parkers - and get it threaded:­266/Tifosi-1--Carbon-Fork-with-Eyes.html­

    Not sure if that's right aesthetically, that one, 'tis just an example.

  • Yeah - just spent ages on a reply only to realise the post was 3 yrs old. Arse.

  • Why didn't you just leave the reply in? Seems reasonable.

  • When I realised the Tommo post I was replying to was 3 years old I presumed the guy would have had it sorted long ago...

    But yeah, on reflection it would have been better to leave it.

  • Fixed :)

  • :)

    Fixed :)

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Funny frame... help me build this thing!

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