4x4 people... what are they like...

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  • LOL

  • i'm just scared of being attached to them in a crash :(

  • Yeah,
    I have had so many accidents where a pedestrian has stepped out and I've ended up on my back with the car on top of me.

  • yeah im not sure about them either, i always fall over at traffic lights

  • hahaha you can stay clipped in whilst at the lights now. both feet. then drive like a rally driver. clipping out to get to the clutch could be slow though.

  • MA3K I have had so many accidents where a pedestrian has stepped out and I've ended up on my back with the car on top of me.


    you should try driving brakeless. just open your door and jam a stick between the wheel and arch :P

    rakan But seeing people who have too much money put their fancy shit into walls or whatever is hilarious.

    Yeah, definitely. It's so vulgar.

  • LOL

  • Revived from dead threads! An interesting sight this morning as I cycled to work. Resulted in closure of Richmond Bridge. Happened before 8.20am so basically when kids/pedestrians would have been using this traffic island...

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  • I put a virtual £10 on driver going to pass someone/thing without sufficient observation.


  • Although that is a 4 x 4, it's also a BMW, which overrides all wheel drive as being the badge of a toss driver.

  • Most BMW drivers moved to Audis as BMW were driven by wankers. Unfortunately they didn't realise that they were the wankers so now the problem has moved to Audi drivers.
    Saying that, there are a good number who had even less awareness and stayed with BMW...

  • The Porsche Cayenne 4x4. For someone who can't decide the type of cunt they would prefer to be.

  • Something similar on local BBC news today Oliver.

    It was backed by the AA, and more focused on car size in general becoming larger for parking bay sizes that where set out 50 years ago, and maybe councils and supermarkets should scale up bay sizes to cut down on low speed accidents trying to get in and out of them.
    More national than London-centric, although with London space at a premium, maybe super-luxe size parking bays will have a super-luxe parking fee in the city.

  • Compare the size of the BMW Mini with the original Range Rover.

  • I've always found it a worrying development, as if people are becoming more insecure and buying these cars as a consequence.

  • Life style and marketing i suppose.

    I have had jeeps/land rovers/range rovers when i was in the country side and actually went off road.
    Last 4x4 was a 24 year old estate car, it went off road loads.
    Nice little swift now, piss easy to park, still goes off road from time to time no 4wd.
    Seem to be surrounded by big 4x4s that never see dirt.
    RangeRovers used to suffer from seized low ratio transfer boxes through lack of use :) my estate car had the same fault until i caned the crap out of it off roading.

    Bigger is better i suppose, many think you need at least a 5" travel enduro bike to get around a trail center, again marketing and fashion.

    Made me think of Robocop, they kind of parodied big SUV type cars back then, but the parody is reality.



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4x4 people... what are they like...

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