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  • Thank you, it would be interesting to see
    That's how much it sticks out

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  • There shouldn't be any paint on the bearing surface.

  • only blue should not be, or even black (to bare metal)?
    But somehow I don’t really want to tear it off, maybe I’d better find a replacement for the red spacer

  • Yeah that.
    I’d drop it off at the LBS for a ream and face, and have the BB done as well. Squeak free, creek free loveliness.

  • Bare metal. Bearing contact surfaces should always be completely clean of paint.

  • Wow thats heavy,
    A little spray over is ok... but that is excessive. Looks like theres primer under the paint too.
    If you want to try do it yourself you could take off that paint with stripper (small tin of nitromors) and cotton bud, polish it out afterwards.
    See if that helps the bearing sit flush.

  • The bearing is supposed to kinda be protruding but not alot, I think if you clamp down on the headset with the fork and stem installed it should click the red shim into place? Also there’s no paint on the inside only tiny bits of spray over but it’s covered in grease so you can’t really see. The nitromors will bring your bearing in more too

    Rear triangle out of centre but I ride it almost everyday. It’s more of a visual thing than feeling tbh

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  • wtf is going on with their QC... bent frames and non-reamed headset cups? such a shame

  • seems they are focusing too much on trendy shirts and bags

    (my v4 is issue-free)

  • make brooklyn in brooklyn again.

  • tbf the v2's are great and arguably the best batch and they where made in the east.. but things where different back then man

  • Not noticed any issues with my V3, one of the last made in Brooklyn.

  • i had a few chats over the last few weeks regarding v3s and you are really lucky because they really made only a few ones before sold bmw to japan

  • the issue is that nearly all of the new ones are crap.

  • a 4130 frame made by a niche brand that is hardly getting by MOQ and using substandard suppliers and has QC issues .. colour me surprised

    what are you guys smoking that makes you want to pay for these?

  • I find the first photo in this post quite worrying, there looks to be quite a difference in height between the two areas I have circled.

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  • no, it's a distortion.
    Maybe there is some unevenness, but it is difficult to catch it with a glance.

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  • I don’t know why, but I took off all the blue paint to make the bearing sit deeper, but there was only a small layer, besides, if all the rings are inserted, then the height of our bearings is approximately comparable, but my top cover does not close, maybe it’s in it

  • It could just be that the top red crown is too tall. Try another low profile one as mentioned above. QC on the headsets are probs crap too. Mad cause they dont come with headsets or seat clamps, and they are very pricey for what they are.
    Its 2022 everything is expensive

  • Rents too expensive to make them in brooklyn now.

  • Brooklyn ride soon?!

  • Yes im down

  • final monochrome set-up.

  • Not so monochrome with those red valve caps

  • purple 🤪

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Brooklyn Machine Works

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