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  • Who knew Miche cranks could be that cool

  • Oh fuck, the normal ones crack regularly enough, I’m surprised those didn’t fail at point of installation.

  • My V1 finally completed

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  • what is the max tire that you can squeeze in the back?

  • The max size is 30 on V1

  • I think ive got 32 on my V1, might be wrong tho.

  • I have a 35 mine

  • 35 isn’t possible on a V1

  • i ran 35c paselas on my large v1 no problem

  • i assume it depends on the tire and rim width

  • Feel like that’s the case. This is 35c Michelin World Tours on tb14’s and there is plenty of room.

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  • still sad that is was too small for me :(

  • I tried 35 but it touches on the top.
    For info it is GANGSTA size 46 (medium)

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  • can fit 26x1.9 on my V1 medium small size, end way of the dropouts though

  • Not my ad but thought somebody on here might be interested­-brooklyn-machine-works/26228151

  • Look like bowling shoes.

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  • thank you reposting my post 🙃
    i already received an offer to buy one of only appr. 10 made in total for „only“ 5k. now the low-numbered v1 was cheap with 2.5k (cave: irony)

  • Have any of you had such a problem, the top cover does not go all the way in, which is why the top bearing is visible, is it a factory defect?

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  • I had the same issue and i solve it by replacing the red ring with another one from another headset. A cheap cinelli or ritchey headset. I can't remember exactly... i ride it everyday since 1.5 year without any issue.

    What about the centering of your rear wheel in the frame ? Do you have the same problem as @gubhi ?

  • Wow, I thought that I was the only one so lucky who got a defective frame, but here it turns out there are other jambs, it's a shame for the brand whose frames cost more than $ 900, this is somehow wrong
    By the way, the country of origin is not even indicated on the frame, maybe it's Taiwan, not underground China,
    @gubhi frame was obviously cooked under some substances...

  • @octavio

    I think the V4s are not under much quality control being built in Asia.
    I have tried to contact WBASE and BMW directly but no one has replied, its been a while.
    The frame still rides super nice and smooth despite the rear wheel out of centre, i dont notice it and it is very durable and strong frame. Its just an eye sore visually. I like all my wheels centre!
    I don't have a centering tool so i cant see how much its out. I need to get the frame checked out by someone who specialises in straightening out frames. That would be a solution.

    The inside of the headtube where the bearing should sit might have paint on the inside causing the bearing to stick out like that.
    I can take a photo of mine later on, I also have a BMW headset fitted, but its okay. No protruding bearings or anything. Gives you an idea of how it should be (even tho my rear wheel is off fml)

    They probably will be pumping out more frames this year too in different colours cause they sold out pretty quickly in Japan, UK, US. but we will see..........

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