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  • Customs fees I’ve had last year have been made up is what I’m saying. I had an item valued at 400 quid have £265 charges on it and the charges were no negotiable to how they came to that figure based on what it was put down as.

  • thats crazy!!!
    non negootiable aswell.
    thats robbery.
    66% tax!!!!!

  • In honour of @Mick

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  • Aye tell em about it, and DHL paid it then invoiced and then basically said they would take me to small claims over it if I didnt pay it. Had a back and forth for about 2 months and then just paid it but it was a joke.

  • Love it! I feel like I've been sent back to 2010.

  • While shopping for some summer shirts, I noticed this on the Levi's website

    V1. One of the early ones too.­en/shirts/c/levi_clothing_men_shirts

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  • Well, only the forks... The frame is not a BMW.

  • Yeah you're right. The guy in the photo actually owns a V1 :

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  • Mudguards removed for the summer.
    Still stuck on the Conti GP 4 seasons 32mm. Think I want something plusher and wider, but I do have issues deciding for what.

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  • Seen this happen a lot, as an individual your kinda screwed as the courier has acted on your behalf (as you weren't standing in the middle of the customs warehouse at exactly the right time to intercept your parcel lol), and now just wants paid. As a business you can at least take that paperwork off their hands and deal with it directly, but even then, had a nasty one the other day, still arguing with them but amounts to fee's in excess of 3x what you'd ever make on the item, when they should have been only a fraction of. Will get sorted but its additional and constant stress/uncertainty.

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Brooklyn Machine Works

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