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  • I'm going to order some from a guy that done a bunch of other brooklyn guys now. They are about £30 for a set any colours.

  • i think this is actually one of my fave forum bikes

  • Are you local?

  • Well thanks, yet another thing I don't need that I've now ordered.

  • is anyone willing to sell his gangsta v1 or v4 in large/long (i am 6.3)?

  • You can still buy V4 brand new from Mesaroll.

  • only the blue ones and they are sold out in large.
    just waiting on how much shipping from wbase would be as they have them in stock. but also a used v1 could be interesting, depending on the price

  • No love for the v3 ? they were last batch to be made in Brooklyn and a very similar specs to the v1.

    Mines only a medium, and not for sale, but besides that....

  • ok, but then i would like to have whatever version with the classic fork instead of the cluster fork

  • V2 was the only one without it.

  • My V1 has like bearings that sit inside the headcups, has anyone modified there frame to take a standard headset?

  • Anyone selling V2 forks or something that fits the V2?

  • I was thinking of doing this too

  • I dont think anyone has done it as I couldn't find anything online about it, bit im guessing it needs filled with weld and reamed. Im sure someone thats more of an expert in frame building can advise more. My only other thing is I dont know if my steerer is long enough on my forks for an external headset as i haven't checked that yet.

  • TBH folks I think the easiest would be to have the HT off completely and fit a new one. For starts the HT interface would look woeful with external cups not to mention the hassle of filling it with weld and then trying to machine both sides precisely for the fork to sit correct.. A properly made external cup HT would weld on beautifully and job done :) T

  • Sounds a lot more hassle than its worth, I actually only thought about it when i stripped it as the bearing that were in were sorta loose.

  • I agree. They both ride well and all bearings are easily replaceable so doubt it'd be worth swapping out unless there's some great aesthetic or functional need for it..

  • if the inside diameter is the exact same as outside diameter of the headset cup then why wouldnt it fit?
    just ream off the internal headset cups and push the headset in (the reaming would be tedious in trying to make it as flush as possible)
    i have frames with thin alu head tubes they seem to hold the cup in place securely, it could be done, i dont know haha

  • Anyone selling a gangsta or in fact launchpad in large? [prepares to wait 2 years for a frame]
    I have a *medium v1 which my girlfriend uses but I really need a large, I’m 6ft 5

  • didnt I see you that Gangsta ages ago? black?

  • Yeah that’s the v1 I’m talking about (it’s a medium but I need a large)

  • Few updates to mine happened

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  • Still got a couple of things to do with mine.

    Painted, New Decals, GK 32c Gumwall Tyres, chain and couple other bits that annoyed me.

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  • Falling back to this question the other day, you wouldn't happen to have the internal sizes for the headset bearings. My old ones are lose as fuck and dont know what the size they were meant to be.

  • Cleaned up nice! 🙂

    Did you always have the fork or did you order one from meseroll?

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Brooklyn Machine Works

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