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  • Somebody has had one shipped to them in the uk so I think if you talk to them directly they'll ship it hear, but your going to have to deal with import duty etc.

    King Kogs instagram suggest that there expecting a restock in the spring. If only a few of those could be sent to the UK. I would think there'd be a market for them here for somebody like BLB. They managed to sell all those Mash Works frames they got in at the start of the year.

  • Totally, Im unsure if I wanna get another one to make a disc fork or buy a wound up for my gangsta and have that with the disc mount.

    yeah most stuff from the states is getting caught with import fees now its a nightmare.

  • I am not sure they are completely the same category, but I believe the BLB / Squid tracklocross that is quite recently proposed would fall into the same category (and not too far pricewise), so not sure BLB is wanting to have frames that similar maybe?

  • They quoted me 1116 usd to ship to U.K. ( frameset ) presume there will be taxes to pay at this end on top of that

  • At some pop up thing in Japan.

  • Last one is the grail...I wonder how many were ever made. Does anyone on here know?

  • the amount of change in the design of the gangsta over the years :)

  • Forum whip-round for teenslain's Christmas present? :)

  • Doing a bit of parts swap at the moment, not sure wich V1 should receive the full silver build..

    Mabye remove the 7700 from the black one, full silver SG75 and cross wheelset ? (brakeless 44x19)

  • Grey full silver

    Black on black

  • Ordered a V1 fork from King Kog Dec 5 - just received it and I'm in Australia. So yes - they will ship overseas (very fast too). I didnt mind paying King Kog price. Added with shipping, I'm still well under the ridiculous prices that go around on ebay.­e-Works-Gangsta-Track-V1-Fork/1332464552­85?hash=item1f061b8df5:g:ce0AAOSwTeJd1Zy­w

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  • Hey hi. tmx here.

    Kinda shaken, feeling hurt by some of the comments in here about me.

    Please understand some important factors about the Superco marketing piece I wrote in 2007 promoting the company I shared with Doc at the time. It’s linked in this thread many pages back.

    That writing was taken off the Superco website, written to give the history of the Superco co-founders. It was not a promo piece for or historical article about Brooklyn. Nor was it presented in such a way.

    It’s fascinating someone saw fit to edit my own writing in an attempt to remove me from my own history.

    Again, that was NOT written as a BMW history lesson. All the bikes (and brakes) featured in there were the ones Doc designed, fabricated and built himself. Not the shared bikes or Joe’s solo work, such as the Rubber Ducky and Shinburgers.

    In fact, Doc didn’t want me to include anything about Bklyn in Superco PR/marketing. Nothing. Not even the historical evolution of his work. That was ridiculous to me. His building history had to be told in the announcement of our new company.

    I actually wanted to mention everyone, the OG crew and Animal, Ged, Rob, Gabi, our global RM porn thread pals, everyone in the circle. Lenosky and Beach were the only ones to make his cut.

    Alas, it was like pulling teeth without anesthesia to get him to finally agree to that which you read in the Landscape piece from Superco’s website.

    He was hurting! Divorce is painful, even for a bike company. Even for a bike company whose partners had lost nearly all respect and understanding of what each other was bringing to the table. The Bklyn breakup was difficult for probably everyone. I’m assuming maybe in some ways for Joe too. As soon as Doc left they re-wrote their own history and omitted Doc from those first ten years. (Where were the criticisms from the bros about that?!)

    My relationship to Doc’s work also seems to be in question within some posts on here. I supported Doc’s work for three times as many years as I was “the girlfriend”. (Good grief that’s petty misogyny.)

    Some try to belittle my former role in Doc’s work for those twenty-plus years. But it should be noted I haven’t directly supported the work in about ten years, which is also the last time he did a production run or had any media buzz about whatever groundbreaking cutting edge creation he’s built for himself.



  • I assume you're referring to post #5105 (and the following discussion) that starts off with ''Got some spare time (read I'm bored) so here's a history lesson, ripped off SuperCo & mtbr.'', right?

    It’s fascinating someone saw fit to edit my own writing in an attempt to remove me from my own history.

    Who edited your post?

  • I'm in Australia


  • I'm slightly confused by the post given that nobody was criticising Doc as a person, or as the exceptional bike designer he was and hopefully still is. But at the time you wrote that piece there was a lot of shit talk floating around the industry about the company, the split, and those involved in it. The Superco piece did read as quite negative towards BMW, which was disappointing to fans of the company as a whole, and fans of both Doc and Joe. It came across as though Joe didn't deserve as much credit as many people feel he 'also' did. But as you say, it was meant to be about Superco, not BMW.
    And as you were Doc's partner it obviously was going to read as quite biased to fans. But there was no intended attack on either you or Doc.
    Having owned 6 Brooklyns, including a race link, a big link, and a big air bmx, I was a huge fan of the company and all those involved. I still consider Ged a good friend too.
    I still see it as a huge shame that the Silencer never got a full production run, as it would have been awesome to see Doc finally realise his full design dream without being held back by anything.
    I apologise if my comments upset you, it was never intended, and they certainly weren't intended to be misogynistic either.
    I hope both yourself and Doc are doing well.

  • lol.. still alive. for now.

  • Well thats a bizarre read.

  • If anybody has a small frame for sale . Decent condition(no dents or mods )
    In the uk
    Fair price

    I have cash waiting

  • Dreamy.

    Tyre ID and size please?

  • Looks like 32 to me...

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  • 38

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Brooklyn Machine Works

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