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  • @voxelwise Custom parts are out of budget for one piece made, but what about a small series (like 50 pieces) if there is other Brooklyn owner interested..

    If I remember well, Canti stud are hard to braze on V1 because of the distance between seatstays, and their shape/angle


    « looks like the stops are welded on a tiny bit too close together no? just take some spacers out from the inside of the brake pads »

    « You got it, abet not the fault of the welder.

    The seat stay are very narrow on that Gangsta, which put the brake arm a lots closer to the wheels than it should, it happen on my Gangsta when I had the canti mount fitted.

    Solution was using Open Pro and taking off the spacer, which you can see from the photo, bear in mind that this is the V2 Gangsta, where the stay is a little wider apart than the V1. »

    @Nice_Ben review
    « Tyres are running in nicely, you have to run the brakes really close to the rims to get a nice pull on the lever but once tweaked its braking beautifully. Only issue is the rear stays are flexing slightly coz of the pressure from the brake so I'm looking into a brake booster that ill potentially have to modify to strengthen the rear, but saying that I've been bombing around the last few days and I've had no problems »

    As you said, arch support plus Canti stud is a great option, but it’s really disgraceful, I’ce used this tricks for a while on my V2, only got this shitty pics.. (support is there but I had remove the brake at the time)

    I would love to get those BMW brakes but don’t want to afford 800$ for them..

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  • Well if it goes down the fabrication route I'd definitely be up for taking a couple of these but it's quite a niche market for such parts and I don't know how easy it would e to shift the rest. Do you know anyone who could pull it off?

  • I converted mine but it just didn't ride great as a sscx bike, Quickly converted it back coz I missed it as my daily brakeless. Everything you need to no is in that thread whoever was asking. Got it down from the rafters at work today and dusted it off though, a year out of action! Straps, platforms pedals and 32c's back on, Missed it, commute home was a blast

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  • This, which was on Ebay and taken off, supposedly went for £1300. No love for the Launchpad?

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  • Some guy from Germany offered him that much (as you said supposedly) which sounds insane. Totally unexpected on the sellers behalf as well. Tried to get in there but wouldn't pay anything even near that price.

  • Updated with new full carbon cx fork

    (don’t mind spacer stack, spend some money to cut the carbon steerer at LBS, but did wrong measurements and it’s still 1cm longer than I wanted, but can’t be bothered to give it to them again)

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  • This was my brothers - I said he would get £400 if he was lucky!

    The German chap refurbs them and sells them in Japan where apparently they go for crazy money. The condition really wasn't great as he mentioned in the listing.

    Was there an earlier incarnation of the Park Bike? He asked for the serial number so wondering if its a rarer version?

  • Shame it didn’t ride well ssxc. It was a great looking conversion.

  • Hitman #1

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  • About time to build this back to summer setup..

  • Damn that bike served you pretty well.. no dent?

  • No dents, just everyday use this winter :)

  • Amazing...any plans on repaint?

  • Pls, never repaint.

  • Agree, looks great as is

  • Curious about sizing on the ganstas. I ride 56cm on my other track bikes, which is squarely in the middle of the 54cm and 58cm sizes. Any advice?

  • If we’re talking V1 then I’d go mid as the TT works out about 55-55.5cm. Stem can be adjusted as needed.
    If V2 then small size.
    Obviously you can go large if you fit a short/stumpy stem.
    Also depends on your standover.
    Either way they’re all pretty versatile. Never had a v3/4 so can’t comment on those. Cheers! T

  • if V1, +1 with @tomsvoboda
    If V2, I would go for large and not small if you want to avoid toe overlap

  • it would be for one of the new framesets (v4?) via wbase, which i don't suppose anyone really knows what to expect yet.

  • expect the same old shit tubing and swag points w/canti studs.

  • V2 medium frame with v1 fork no overlap

  • Hey all, haven’t been on here in a while. I’m looking to sell my V1 (medium) which I bought off here NOS and I wanted to post here first.

    I’m selling the frame and forks (with canti bosses), Thomson Elite 29.8 330mm seat post and Thomson seat collar, hardly used Ritchey headset (headset cover does sit a little proud) and two new sticker sets bought from BMW in 2016. Included also is the original BMW headset, it’s worn out but maybe you can use the headset cover if you wish. I had the frame repainted black at Amourtex after I bought in 2015 but never ended up using either of the sticker sets. The frame and forks have no dents but general marks to the paint work from general use locking up etc. One mark to the paint to note which is not from use is three scratches to the seat tube made by the chainring of another bike knocking into it whilst in storage (pictured). Threads on the BB are good. The frame number is 204.

    I have scanned back through the last pages and seen that there have been V1s selling for crazy money on ebay and there are now V4s available/being made, so I’m not totally sure how to price. Ideally I’d like £850, please let me know if you think that’s off. It’s currently stored at a family member’s in zone 6, but I make regular visits so can easily get it if you wanted to take a look, I’m in Camberwell.

    Also have more detailed photos of f+f but don't want to clog up the thread, let me know if you're interested and I'll send them over.

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Brooklyn Machine Works

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