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  • but they do look sweet unlimited bank account and i'd have one in the collection no two ways about it

  • asm Steamrollers are like £300 from Wiggle (with forks). I thought this bike would be in the Surly, Soma price range, maybe a bit more, but £750 is going it some. Love the forks on em though.

  • Oh, I didn't know that. There made in the U.S. then? I'm beginning to like this more and more.

  • Just checking, The famous San Francisco, SOMA (South Of Market Area) Fabrications, are produced in Taiwan, I believe.

  • Soma are built in Taiwan:

  • No way! ;)

  • Thanks tommo, i reckon that guy bought the complete bike from surly direct. £300 isnt bad... but i need a full bike for that price, not just the frame. on the plus side i have (possibly) a frame for £50, so in theory i have £250 - 300 for everything else minus frame, forks, bb and seatpost. If everything on the frame works. which i very much doubt.

  • Somas are nice, but every time I look at one I get put off by their logo. If they were a heavy metal band it would work but...

  • scott not scot they're about £750 for frame and fork.

    Its $750 on the US site!

  • Website It is a strong NYC messenger-tough frame, and it’s made with 4130 US stream line

    Hmm? laidback angles and low BB?. Bet it weighs a ton too.

    You can get a whole lotta custom built frame for 750squids.

  • asm, you can get a new Fuji track for £300, ready to roll, but there not great bikes. Buying something second hand for about £300 is best value for money.

  • Ooops. Sorry, didn't mean to knock your bike (didn't read the thread properly).
    Let me retract the above and say "Not for me".

  • I think with this case its a bit of each to their own.
    Some people will like it, some people won't.
    I would love one as a city bike, although I don't think I will ever own one as £750 gets you a whole lot of other bike.

    One thing that is wrong is the name, "Gangsta TRACK", I can just immagine the German pursuit team on them now.
    It does sound a lot better then "Gangsta Fixed", but why not just "Gangsta"?

  • Coz just "gangsta" doesn't cash in on the track/fixed trend enough. :)

  • True Hippy, "Gansta Fix", sounds good and its closer to the truth.

  • For £750 i'd buy custom to be honest. Plus I like running a front brake on the street.

  • "Gangsta" is not what i would name a track bike.
    it just sounds a bit silly

  • ^fair enough mate! you obviously love your bike, i just dont like the way the top bar is angled and the massive gap between the forks and the front wheel, maybe if i tried one i would change my mind

  • Well said Scott not scot, Ahmen.

  • £750? is that how much you paid for it in pounds or in dollars? (seeing that according to the BMW website it's $775).

  • I'm actually interested in the Gangsta, just needed to grab quite a handful of information on it, hence reviving this topic.

  • To be honest I'm with Scott on this one, they look like sweet as frames, love to try one out!! Everyones perfectly happy to spend more then £700 on a second-hand dented, rusty NJS frame and then they justify it by noting everything about it that makes the Brooklyn's special, handbuilt with love and care in a small workshop by some guy who has devoted his life to making excellent bicycles...Don't be a hypocrite just 'cause it looks a little different to your Track bike...

  • Always been a fan BMW MTBs. The only issue I have with this bike is a back-sloping top tube, but it looks hella fun to ride

    Plus that's a frame that's going to last a loooooooooong time

  • They should do a version with cantilever bosses then it would make a cools single speed / fixed cross bike too as there is clearance for cross tyres (I think from memory of Scot's). I like it but then again I like strange things e.g Object.

  • <3 you too Tommy.

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Brooklyn Machine Works

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