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  • Anyone seen these? - browse through bikes to the track frame
    UK site -

  • what what what!! thats mental

  • it would look better in brown

  • spotted in japan...

  • my eyes hurt

  • what's with that huge bloody gap in the front fork above the wheel?

  • mud clearance

  • It saves weight.

  • il actually like those

  • sorry, it just looks like this to me.

    the concept/execution are good, to be fair, i guess i just like how on an old track bike everything seems to fit within mm of each other.

  • I prefered this kinda stuff from BMW:

    I have BMW bikes being thrashed on an mtb vid back home. Wish I could remember what it was called.. DIRT? Music was by Bus Station Loonies

  • Whereabouts do the rocket launchers go?

  • They're fitted.. just concealed ;)

  • good name... hipsters all over the world will swoon. So non-manhattan, so industrial.

  • BMW bikes have been around the mtb scene for ages, got a mate who owns two. back in the day you had to import them yourself directly and they weren't cheap.

    the "track" bike doesn't look traditional, but I still like the individuality of it and prefer it to generic modern compact designs. and as the man says, it rides well.

    that orange one looks hideous though, and riser bars make it look like some hybrid

  • They look good, all though I like tight clearences. Anyone know how heavy the frame and fork is? how does it compare to a traditional framed Cro-Mo fixed bike?
    Say 2.85kg for a SteamRoller.

  • Weight isn't an issue. The rider is what counts.

    Unrelated chatter: Lance is a gun rider, how come no one on here rides a Trek track bike?

  • i really want one they look so nice.
    i have emailed bmw at their euro site to find out prices and availability.

  • I prefer the black. I've really been craving a compact geometry recently and these look lovely. Just as I put a few hundred down on a traditional frame!

  • Let us know the prices Joe_b, i'm looking for a fixie too.

    Will probably be just out of interest though, these look out of my price range.

  • they look like they should have 650's on the front

  • They look kinda funny.. I'd actually prefer a taped up Langster.
    hippy was then burned as a heretic

  • Thought so... cheers!

    How much are surly steamrollers? I bumped into someone who'd made himself one for about £800. Dunno if that was straight from surly or just the frame plus his own wheels etc. I'm looking at more like £3-400 for my first fixie.

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Brooklyn Machine Works

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