Help me understand bottom brackets

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  • I really don't understand them. Have never messed with one before. But its been over 2 weeks with mine making an annoying clicking noise so I figured I should take it apart.

    I think its cartridge BB splined on non-drive side with a flange on the drive side. What tools do i need to get it out? I know i need to take the cranks off first, but then what?

  • you will no doubt need a special tool to remove them, depending on the make etc, different tools


    Take a read through that. The Park Tool website is great for most bike related greavences.

  • Cheers will check that out.

  • The important bit is which way the thread on each cup runs.

    As the Park guide points out, the splines are a bit shallow. If you haven't got a hollow spindle its worth investing in a long bolt to attach the remover to the BB.

  • And the clicking is DEFINITELY coming from the bottom bracket...?

    I was convinced of that once, only to find it was my seatpost (a slight burr on one edge at the end) 'interfacing' with my seat-tube.

    Cleats are also a common culprit, and tight chain links - noises seem to travel to other bits of the bike.

    Or it could be your hip chain things flapping against your 3/4 shant zips, if you're one of those emo types :-)

  • Clicking (or creaking or cracking) is often caused by your BB. Its likley to be down to an ingress of filth into the threads between the frame and the BB. The noise is movement. Once the cranks are off check the BB is smooth rolling then give the threads a good clean (wire brush?) use some sort of sealant (rather than grease) to prep the threads. Copper-slip is ok. Shimano do some specific stuff, scrounge some off you LBS. Some mechanics use plumbers PTFE tape wrapped around the BB thread. When refitting the cranks make sure the interface is clean and dry(i know it doesnt make sense), and check the bolts after your next ride. This should prevent them from creaking.
    It`s unlikly to be your pedals, but to test this theory just try riding with a different pair.

  • You should lightly grease your cranks (e.g. the square taper flats), they shouldn't be clean and dry.

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  • My drive-train side crank nearly fell off a few weeks ago. I think I used too much grease having subscribed to the "too much is better than not enough". I no longer subscribe to that. Light greasing is the way to go. Besides, too much lube and you no longer feel anything.

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  • aidan haaaa....hippy did you get out of bed the wrong side this morning???

    Is using italics a sign of grumpiness?
    My LBS guy stressed the use of a very thin coat of grease on the axle taper. I trust my LBS guy a lot.

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  • I had a creaking noise coming from the bb / crank area after saturday night, turned out I hadn't tightened the crank bolt enough on one side & it had worked loose.

  • BringMeMyFix
    Cleats are also a common culprit, and tight chain links - noises seem to travel to other bits of the bike.

    My spd pedals are really noisey with the clicking and the creeking . Do you know is it worth trying to change bearings or is it better to just buy new pedals. They are only 1 year old but have had a lot of use.

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Help me understand bottom brackets

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