Smithfield Nocturne / Messenger Race

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  • Nicked from the buffalo's website:


    Anyone up for a team of ringers ??

  • A race? I thought it was pros only, i'm up for it!

  • we'll get a team together then. There's room for 10 teams and so far only 5 have registered.

  • I got lost on wednesday going from New Kent Road to Surrey keys so I don't think I could even find may way to the start!

  • where is the possee meeting to watch our team win ?

  • is it this saturday??

  • aye straight after the arsenal thingy

  • I am the weak link in the rolling rollapaluza train.....I'm crap at "couriering" (my fave word) as any of my controllers will tell fact I only got asked to ride with two days to go, I really was the bottom of the will be pooped after rolling at Arsenal.....thought you were an icognito messenger - gorilla?

  • We need BringMeMyFix on our team. Then we'll win.

  • can you be a non courier like me ? are you on a team already?

  • we should have a take the piss team,then i could do it without looking like an idiot

  • aidan we should have a take the piss team,then i could do it without looking like an idiot


  • you in??? anyone have satnav??

  • I can supply some authentic Fakenger team shirts, if you guys get your shit together and enter...

  • less talking (typing) more riding.

  • Yeah, right! More riding, less typing!

    (thinks about mileage so far this year)

    .... errr...

  • Go on then lads get your shit together

    who else to make it up to 4 Julian? rakan?

  • I'm already signed up. I'm not a fakenger remember ;)

  • we can be called LONDONFGSS.COM and we can have our own logo from the spokecard contest.

  • Yeah I know but I though you were saying you were not signed up and wanted a team of randoms, I am easily confused ?:)

  • .

  • count me out i wouldn't even make the take the piss team

  • If [mickster] can join, he's pretty fucking fast, i has seen him train. I think he'll be there anyways cos he mentioned it on his badbean blog.
    I haven't raced against most of yous so i don't know your speeds. Who rides like they stole it?

  • i ride like i borrowed it for 5 mins to go round the corner shop

  • haaaa....i would do it but i can bearly find my front door

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Smithfield Nocturne / Messenger Race

Posted by Avatar for Jos @Jos