The Great British Weather

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  • haha literally just ordered one £10.99 off Amazon...dont know why I didnt think of it before, got a head net but why not cover as much as possible...cheers for the heads up.

  • No worries! Gotta be done

  • Me too - usually accurate within a few minutes from the first spit until the last spit.

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  • I still thought a country famous for talking about the weather would have better predictions, but here we are.

  • Hahaha I know people like that. I think I might be turning into one. Maybe there's a certain quantity of shit weather you can stand to ride through and I've filled up the tank.

  • This morning i had to dig out a woolly hat and a body warmer for the 730 dog walk.
    10am MrsDeth had to pop the heating on for an hour
    Now back from my lunchtime dog walk and have had to open the windows as it is roasting.

    Waiting for the 6pm downpour as I am supposed to be cooking pizzas outside tonight

  • Putting the heating on for an hour will get you into the golf club thread before the end of this winter.

  • An interesting paper in Nature recently about Google’s work on short-term local weather forecasting: Ravuri, S., Lenc, K., Willson, M. et al. Skilful precipitation nowcasting using deep generative models of radar. Nature 597, 672–677 (2021).­-z

  • Thanks for that, just shared that with my colleagues at a machine learning company I'm doing some work for. Good timing, we were talking about weather modelling only yesterday.

  • Has anybody tried to use Weather Bagel recently? I've been trying through the week to check a ride for the weekend and keep getting an error of 'Could not process route, please try again.' have tried across a couple of devices/browsers with a few different GPX routes and always the same. Would be a shame if it's a long running issue as I find it very useful.

  • do days get any more perfect than today
    riding around central london was stunning this lunchtime

    well apart from all that sun in the eyes causing a day of squinting and riding blind

  • Today started off well all right

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The Great British Weather

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