The Great British Weather

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  • weird two day heatwave incoming

  • It was like cycling through soup up in the Yorkshire Dales yesterday evening - so muggy & really poor visibility with the murk.

  • It was lovely yesterday. Almost forgot I hate this place.

  • Why are the MET Office so shite after all these years?

    Aw yeah mate, Tuesday will be overcast n that but dry ya know no JOKE!

  • Because weather is basically chaotic and that means that it is impossible to accurately predict.

  • I don't know which MET office forecast you've been looking at but they've been predicting wet weather for a few days. BBC weather, which doesn't use MET office data, yesterday were predicting heavy showers. Though I'd say that more than 24 hours in advance no forecast is very reliable. I work outdoor so spend a lot of time looking at forecasts.

  • Forecasts are certainly variable, & is is annoying when they're wrong especially WRT rain. I've got a lot of sympathy for forecasters though as it is really hard - my partner has a PhD in weather stuff gives me a sense of realism in what can be predicted with such complex systems.

    On a short term basis, I find making my own forecasts from rain radar quite effective. NetWeather's free one is decent & there's an app too.

  • Been keenly watching the MET Office website for the central belt of Scotland but it shifted over night so all my packed bags for my impromptu-esque bike pack trip will have to wait until tomorrow...unless they are lying about that too.

    I'm tongue in cheek of course but its frustrating all the same.

  • Is raining.

  • In this country.

    If your country is the size of a Europe and flat, it's very (ok relatively) easy to accurately predict the weather. I still thought a country famous for talking about the weather would have better predictions, but here we are.

  • It's famous for talking about it because it's always different and hard to predict and we're all boring shits.

  • Think of what you could've done if you'd stopped all weather forecasting and spent the money on burning tyres or something. You'd have lovely weather by now...

  • This NetWeather site is nice, thanks for that!

  • The weather forecasting and chitchat was just to give us something else to talk about politely while we rampaged around the world, stealing other people's weather and wealth and people.

  • We're off to Glencoe Thursday for three or four nights of Munros with wild camps. It's looking reassuringly West Coast shite....

  • Wouldnt worry about it, probably be 28 degrees n blazing sun for aw they know about Scottish mountain weather.

    My plan is to ride out to Oban tomorrow, so through that wayish...once again the forecast looks not terrible.

  • MWIS showing band of rain from Friday, with wind. Ideal for camping on the tops!

  • But yeah, can turn on a dime specially Glencoe

  • Tbf I would take a significant headwind on the road if it meant no midges in the evening. Eradicate them all, immediately, I say.

  • I get absolutely ravaged by them, my girlfriend hardly at all...

    I'm waiting on a midge shirt to arrive. I'm taking it to the wee cunts this time

  • A what....?

    Is that a protective layer or like....a chemical infused repellent shirt?

  • it’s a shirt that makes you look like a big midge so they think you’re one of their own

  • Ah I like that, infiltrate from the inside, gain their trust and just when they let their guard down.....wipe em out.

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The Great British Weather

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