The Great British Weather

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  • Mostly sunny but cold today, glad it wasn't raining as much as yesterday as I've been working outside today. Few sparse hail stones was the worst of it

  • I didn't realise how cold it was, thought "oh great, sunshine after the rain", then realised it was 7 degrees, which is odd because I went out for a little walk at lunchtime and it seemed fine then.

  • Worse commute in quite some time. Torrential. Then hail. Then more rain and wind. Really properly freezingly soaked and hands are still numb. F*uk you May, you’re rubbish.

  • Absolutely fed up with this north wind. It’s been here virtually continuously for two months. We have had sunshine most of the time too and it’s been totally wasted because it’s so damn cold, or the temperature variation between sheltered and exposed means that you just can’t wear ‘the right thing‘ for more than ten mins.

  • Went for a ride after work yesterday, only twenty five miles but was hailed on for at least half of it. Felt more like February than May. Reckon I've lost all the tan I'd built up in the very brief sunny patch a week or so ago. Getting pretty sick of this seemingly incessant cold now.

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  • It’s really starting to piss me off now. Where is spring?!?!

  • So it's nearly June and

    • its fucking freezing
    • it's raining the whole time

    Can someone send it the memo that Glastonbury is not on, it doesn't need to do this

  • only another month till the evenings start drawing in

  • OMG, I thought I had died and gone to heaven yesterday ... then I realised one blissful, dry, windless morning above 12 degrees C did not a summer make and it could go back to showers and brisk north wind whenever it damn well pleases.
    Which of course, by lunchtime, it did .

  • Ha! Perfect. Yeah!

  • We put tarps up to deal with the rain today while we finish the first stage of our community court revamp

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  • It will be autumn in no time.'ll all be shocked how quickly it is autumn again. Guaranteed.

  • Hello is that the Police? I'd like to report a hate crime....

  • .

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  • Well that was fun!

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  • This makes for uninspiring reading...supposed to be doing family camping bank holiday weekend and had hoped all this bad weather was just getting out the way before a glorious end to the month....apparently this crap is carrying on for another few weeks yet at least.

  • We had big hail n thunder in Kingston. Almost tic tac sized I'd say. Timed perfectly for the school run so the youngest is now traumatized but the eldest thought it was 'epic'.

  • Buckets of hail, pretty impressive.

  • Wtf just happened. Also, the road is underwater.

  • Don't worry, five weeks to go and then the nights start drawing in again...

  • Do you have to? It costs you nothing to NOT say that.

  • Third time this week I've been absolutely soaked to the bone, bordering on hypothermia, whilst riding. It's May, FFS.

  • I'm surprised there was any left for you after it all seemed to fall on us.

  • Always maximum lols riding through thunderstorms.

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The Great British Weather

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