The Great British Weather

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  • the flakes weren't big enough or numerous enough to warrant a photo, it's not 3ft deep out in the garden, just a light flurry

  • Well damn if it didn’t just snow in SE24.

  • Snowing properly here now except the flakes are tiny.

  • after 23c in the week

    28's will probably be fine, I'm holding off putting the winter studs back on for now.

  • I had a few flakes of snow on me during my run this morning (11am in SW15). It was 20C here yesterday.

    No pics as nothing settled and you'd struggle to see the flakes in a picture it was so light.

  • In gloves and a down jacket (hood up) going to the shops this morning in the snow. Currently in our garden overheating in the sun.

  • Forecast to drop to -5 overnight

  • 10 seconds of a hail snow type thing

    no pics

  • Plenty of snow in CR7 this morning, sun splitting the trees now.

  • today was the coldest i've been on a bike all winter, 2 hr ride never really warmed up, numb fingers by the end, just one windproof jacket and a pair of gloves away from perfection though
    damn the wrong clothing

  • When will this interminable cold N/E wind fuck off? It's been like it for weeks now. Don't get me wrong, a bright and breezy early spring day can be a wonderful thing, but a solid month of potentially glorious early summer sunshine being undercut by a bone-chillingly icy wind gets a bit old.

    Looking at the forecast it's set to stay for at least early May. Bollocks.

  • I'm finding the lack of rain weirder.

    Hearing some sad things from the Alps with regard to temps, permafrost and glaciers.

    European weather is not what it used to be.

  • Tru. I had to water the garden (such as it is) this week. Such a wet winter too. It's gone from impenetrable bog to to dusty in a month.

  • Turned what should be a joy into 22 grinding miles home. Tired now.

  • Yup, garden irrigation in full flow

  • Fucking glorious today, from chilly hands riding to work to my lunchtime walk through town being so nice I made the family go eat tea in a field when I got home so I could enjoy some beers in the sun.

  • It disappeared from the far west for one measly day and has now been replaced by a strong southerly wind. It really is ‘what the hell do I wear’ weather.
    Here too it’s been dry and bright for weeks and spring growth in the garden has been suffering. The lack of flower heads to accompany the green growth hints that this year has started strangely.

  • Hearing some sad things from the Alps with regard to temps, permafrost and glaciers.

    Yep, Cycliste has packed her ski touring skis away. No decent snow left in the Alps, no matter how high you go.

  • Rain in back. With wind too. Fingers are hovering over the heating settings.

  • What a day of changes!

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  • Fuck me this is shit. Still - suppose the garden doesn't need watering today.

  • Looks like more snow heading this way

  • Or maybe it’s rain this time.

  • Oh, hail

  • Great, I am due to meet up outside the pub at 6

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The Great British Weather

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