The Great British Weather

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  • Two full hours in se24. Lots of small kids out, pretty much everyone keeping respectful distance. A welcome break.

  • Sounds a bit much for him at this stage, but I'll put it on order for next Xmas - cheers for the tip.

  • Kids in this neighbourhood enjoying the rare London snow

  • Getting bored of this now! Fairly mild (6-9°) during the week, -1-3° and heavy snow over the weekend.

  • I’m nearly 50 years old, first time I’ve seen this

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  • Wow, what has caused that?

  • Puddle + cars. Took this yesterday on the Ridgeway near Potters Bar whilst out riding. People were being silly and parking up in the road (50mph limit) to get out and take photos.

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  • I’m nearly 50 years old, first time I’ve seen this

    The only time I have seen anything like that before is after ice storms in Canada and Switzerland! Awesome!

    Not my photo but this was a storm near Geneva in 2005. DIfferent cause but same effect.

  • Double glazed vehicles, nice.


    snow me the way to amarillo

    -18c in texas

    and -24 in minneapolis

  • Minnesota often gets those kinds of temperatures, doesn't it?

    -18 in Texas is crazy. Hope there won't be any more pile-ups.

  • yeah, it gets cold up there but still -24c is coooold in anyones books even if you're used to it , life changes when you get to those temps

    i've had a block of ice, i removed from the top of a water bucket, just sitting in the back garden for about 4 days now, not melted a jot it's not often we stay below freezing for a prolonged period

    saw temps of 14-16c on a 7 day forecast last night..... summers coming

  • London is going to gain 16°c in a week by next Saturday. That’s quite a leap. I’m quite glad about it too, a couple of injured and arthritic fingers have made cycling in below zero temperature nigh on impossible for me, so I’ll be glad to be able to get back on the bike tomorrow. Roll on spring.

  • The most notable effect of the departed Storm Darcy was the likelihood during the exceptional period of sub-zero temperatures and consistent winds was sublimation.

  • i saw somewhere that gas electric prices in the states have gone stratospheric and rolling outages are happening as demand exceeds supply in texas

    ... we hit the proverbial offerless market where any natgas that was available would be purchased at virtually any price, which is why midcontinent prices such as the Oneok OGT nat gas spot exploded from $3.46 one week ago, to $9 on Wednesday, $60.28 on Thursday and an insane $377.13 on Friday, up 32,000% in a few days. This is one of those places where having a limit up circuit breaker could actually be useful, even though there simply is nowhere near enough product to satisfy demand at any price hence the explosive move.

    puts the gme short squeeze to shame

  • I just see jason and the Argonauts.

  • Does anyone have any perspective on the cold weather snap in the US? I understand it’s caused by a flow of Arctic air that basically escaped the warmer air currents encircling the pole. Is it a new effect of climate change or a known rare occurrence?

  • Saw an article that it would cost 900 dollars to charge a Tesla in one part of Texas at the moment.

  • Climate change papers predicted 10-15 years ago that what average temp rises meant is changes in existing weather patterns, and that those changes would lead movements in weather streams that protected some areas from polar conditions... i.e. that rising temps weren't just hotter weather, but more variable and extreme weather... that 100 year events would start to occur every 5-10 years.

    The Texas conditions are that.

    But they're compounded by local policy on utilities seeking cheapest price for decades, and not investing in capacity or protection from extreme weather. So no regulation existed to force utility companies to ensure they could withstand extreme (relative to their norms) weather.

    The Texas weather, similar to the UK "Beast from the East" recurrences, are predicted to now occur more frequently. So whilst from a historical perspective it is rare, it is now going to be more common.

    Texas being so unprepared typically warm their homes on cool days with space heaters... electric heaters with fans... being just about the most power consuming heating available with no residual heat (i.e. stop running them and they don't stay hot)... so people run them constantly and that's overloaded a grid that doesn't have the capacity for it.

    Oh, and they lead on wind power, more in Texas than in the UK (and our seas)... but they never opted for the few % more cost to keep that stuff working in cold weather, so it's all iced up and they've lost all of that power generation from the system.

  • warmer outside the house than inside the house day
    one of my fave days of the year

    spring is coming

  • hmmm, now snowing in east london
    after 23c in the week

  • Climate change is really something. Any pics?

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The Great British Weather

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