The Great British Weather

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  • The community spirit in the village is turning to anger at the inaction of the authorities whose response, after 3 days, is to put in 4 pumps at Mordiford Bridge pumping out 1,000 litres a minute. Which is effectively a tiny plug hole when water continues to gush in at the other end....

  • Let's hope their political calculations fail and they will be held to account somehow.­2020/feb/19/worst-thing-is-waiting-flood­-hit-communities-stress-uk-flooding

    This has been a very prominent topic of discussion at least since Cameron, but it seems to be getting worse, not better. Eustice claimed the other day that much had been done and that 'only' 400 properties were flooded--surely that can't possibly be true?

  • Our MP has now written a couple of stern emails, great to have him on the case

  • letter seems to have worked, you have a photo on a bbc news story
    hope that helps removing the mud from your shed

  • 2 photos !

  • Your Local Authority will almost certainly be your Lead Local Flood Authority. They will have to have, (since 2012?), a designated Council Officer for Fllod Alleviation and a nominated Councillor with responsibility for the LLFA's Flood Alleviation and response.
    Realise this is no good to you 'Now', but you have a chain of political liability to follow to get your local /County Council to do 'something'.

    Here in Ruislip, (outer north west London) we are 10 months into a project with the EA in response to flooding in June 2016!

  • Lots of news crews in Hampton Bishop yesterday - BBC, ITV, Sky, Panorama, The One Show - although with the water receding from its high on Tuesday and Wednesday they only got a sense of the issue (although roads in and out of the village are still closed and the pumps are going like a bastard).

    The Bunch of Carrots opened yesterday evening for a roast, they thought they’d get 40 but it was absolutely rammed, amazing atmosphere.

    I was approached by Peter Wilson from BBC and asked if I’d do an interview. I said “no thanks” - I didn’t want to be shown on TV in a pub having a jolly time - and he was quite put out, gave the impression that I should be grateful. Whatever.

    Then I saw the entitled prick jump the queue of patiently waiting villagers to get food. WAC. I was tempted to say as much to him but decided to focus my self-righteous indignation on too much HPA. Which definitely lifted morale.

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  • wye valley hpa i hope

  • Yep, the Local Authority should be leading on it and we get daily video updates but the communication has been shocking, if someone from the Council or Environment Agency has visited the village they have done so in such a stealthy way that none of us are aware (and the village WhatsApp group is over 100 with thousands of posts/updates). And whatever planning is going on is not involving anyone from the village. Still no sign of our MP either, nor the Parish Councillor.

    What “lessons are being learnt”? We need to be as self-sufficient as possible and use the considerable social capital that’s in the village...

  • He’s the other Herefordshire MP, pleasant enough chap and always keen for a photo opportunity.

    At least water has dropped, even if severe flood warnings remain in place for Hampton Bishop https://flood-warning-information.servic­

  • Sorry missed this - fucking A it was!!!!

    Not as good as in The Barrels but needs as needs must when the devil vomits in your kettle

  • hopefully over there in a week or two.....

  • Monday I tried to drive to Hereford to go to a yoga class (from near Newent). At Fownhope I was turned back because I was told the road had collapsed. Looks like things were much much worse that bit further on my route as I’d have been trying to get through Mordiford. Looks like things have been pretty grim for you.

  • snowy stratford
    well slushy stratford to be precise

  • More than a dusting of snow in Hertfordshire and up to Cambridge.

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  • Snows hit Basildon.

  • And Crytsal Palace

  • Yeah - pretty heavy in Royston when i left the house...

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  • Unfortunately its been pissing down, so little chance to settle.

  • Hammering it down in Canary Wharf, though not settling. The train commuters are getting nervous...

  • Racist white out in Stoke Newington.

  • Sunny in Cornwall. But that’s only about the 4th time since September.

  • suuuuuuuuuuuuuuunny

    is it me or does it always seem real sunny when flights stop ? and beautiful clear skies

  • That's what I remember when air travel stopped for that volcano. Surely at least partially coincidence .

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The Great British Weather

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