The Great British Weather

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    Antarctica has exceeded 20C for the first time, after researchers logged a temperature of 20.75C on an island off the coast of the peninsula.
    Brazilian scientist Carlos Schaefer told AFP they had "never seen a temperature this high in Antarctica".

    *packs speedos and heads of for some winter sun in antarctica

  • ‘golden showers’?

  • Well, who would have thought that the most immediate outcome of 'Brexit' was going to be that Britain is sinking into the sea?

    Got proper soaked earlier and have to go out again in a bit. The rain's supposed to have stopped by then.


    new £1bn supercomputer to help predict weather, lets hope they use it to block up some of those river channels and to bulk up the flood defences
    its all well and good knowing it's coming but that won't stop the flooding

    lets spend a billion on beavers instead and get them managing the upland catchment areas, they can't do any worse than mankind is doing

  • 'course it's blue skies now it's a fuckin' Monday.

  • lets spend a billion on beavers instead

    I'm in.

  • Worth it for the gabber

  • levels in the river wye at record levels, 18ft above normal

  • Get dressed to get lunch. Pisses it down. Fuck you, weather

  • Hampton Bishop, where the Wye and Lugg meets, has been cut off for the last couple of days with the water showing no sign of dropping and more rain to come.

    One chap decided to try to drive through about 10.30 last night. He was rescued in a boat that moored on our drive and left over the wall. The car didn’t look very good this morning...

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  • And this was the view from front and rear of the house this morning, sheds are underwater

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  • oh man , hope its not as bad as it looks
    had dinner in the bunch of carrots just before xmas was thinking then how dykes were protecting that whole area, all the way to the old single file bridge at mordiford is very flat , it was flooded in the fields around the river then after just a small storm

    record levels in hereford and monmouth

    stay safe

  • Thanks, it is as bad as it looks, especially down in the main village where a lot of houses are flooded (2 inches higher and it will be in our house although luckily we have vintage wooden floors). Response from Herefordshire Council has been completely absent.

    Heavy rain forecast for tomorrow but the army have just dropped off some bread - as luck would have it I was due to go away on a Monday for work so didn’t do any shopping last weekend.

    Our boiler isn’t working (the gas box is submerged), not the Wi-fi, cooker or oven but at least I got most of the stuff out of the shed before it was overwhelmed (water rose about 15 inches in 40 minutes).

  • Sounds shit.

    I do wonder how long Johnson's going to be able to get away with his absenteeism--the intention obviously being to avoid being associated with things like this/avoiding responsibility for it, the trouble being that as 'Prime Minister' he is, sort of, technically, responsible for it.

    Hope it recedes soon.

  • ^

    Completely this, absolutely nothing from our part of an MP either (Old Etonian, late last year suggested that vegans are causing the climate crisis and that we should all eat more beef - total coincidence that he’s a beef farmer). Oh, and when we rang the Council they suggested we “pack a bag if you are worried for your safety” - we’re not but even if we were HOW WOULD WE GET ANYWHERE!!! Incompetence bordering on negligence.

    Still, the good news is that the water level has dropped a couple of inches and hoping that the forecast rain is lighter than expected - I’m down to drinking room temperature (no heating or cooking available) mulled wine that’s been in the back of the cupboard for a reason

  • Even more importantly

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  • Oh yes, and some tidy phone opportunities (apologies for so many posts, cabin fever is strong)

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  • absenteeism--the intention obviously being to avoid being associated with things like this/avoiding responsibility for it,

    Isn't it more to avoid facing people who are angry and shout at him like what tends to happen when he "meets the people"?

  • you would think that as hampton bishop / mordiford is one of only 6 severe flood warnings in the whole of the uk they might prioritise that area and send special assistance,

    but no

    the sas are just down the road, they'd have it sorted in next to no time

  • I understand that on Monday Sky was reporting that Hampton Bishop was once of the worst two places in the country although yesterday evening the regional news was focusing on Ironbridge which looked perilous.

    The village WhatsApp group and local farmer have been great but bar the Army dropping off bread last night there has been nothing.

    Local MP has a massive majority, maybe this will hit home to those who voted for him that when it matters, neither he nor government give a flying fuck.

    Oh, and this is the state of the flood defences at 9.30 this morning, doesn’t really bear thinking about what happens if more water is added to the system

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  • the sas are just down the road, they'd have it sorted in next to no time

    They'd hit the water surface swimming.

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The Great British Weather

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