The Great British Weather

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  • hot

  • Intense arguments over the air con today. One guy is too cold (it's 37°C, fuck off) while his main opponent is, to be fair, wearing the same thick wool suit and long sleeve shirt she wears every day and has made no effort to adapt.

  • thunder east / south east
    brace for some rain

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  • Fuuuck

    Hottest day of the year and I had to be suited and booted for a memorial service. It was for my mums best friend (my mum died years ago) so was an emotional time for me being reminded of them getting up to mischief. Thankfully the sweating possibly hid some of the tears.

  • east kent, thunder has started.....

  • Tornado watch in Margate...

  • You know somethings about to happen down Ashford/Dover way as the Spitfires go to ground, no rumbling Merlin engines, no light aircraft, just rumbling thunder.

    cat under hedge and not bothered yet so all is good.

  • Hoping to get medium drunk before it gets north.

  • I'm here watching some pretty spectacular lightning right now.

  • Just rechecked the map....

    Margates fucked then :)

    Cooling down, and raining in Ashford

  • *waves

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  • Hnnng. It's all passing just to the east of here. Can see the flashes and hear the thunder but it hasn't really broken...

  • Yeah, those don’t clouds need to move west a bit. Looks fun.

  • Was helping a mate re-paint his basement level flat.
    Emerged to street level around 18.30.
    Just like walking into the invisible heat of south east asia, after time in an ac'ed building.

    Pro-tip: basement level flats evade the heat stress of days like today,
    but buy one on a hill to avoid flooding.

  • Lightning strike set the Wimbledon clock tower on fire today. Mad.

    Took a picture of the wrong side of it but you can see the flames creeping through from the other side.

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  • Looks like Marty made it back.

  • Anyone else finding it a bit warm?

  • lots of activty in the east end rain and thunder galore

  • Great so I was roasting in 42 degree heat in Paris yesterday. I come over to Tunbridge Wells today in shorts and t-shirt and what do we have.. A torrential rain storm. Splendid. I'm stuck under a tree waiting for it to pass.

  • Oh NO! It's raining after being extremely warm?
    Who would have thought all that water evaporating off the surface of the planet would come down somewhere?

  • It's great, it's cooling everything down. It was 37ish in London yesterday and borderline unbearable.

    p.s. Did you know skin is actually waterproof?

  • You know where you can stick your conspiracy theories? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Did you know skin is actually waterproof?


    Fox, cooling off yesterday

    Happy belated birthday btw :-)

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The Great British Weather

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