The Great British Weather

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  • Metcheck said it would snow last night.

    It did didn't it?

  • No sign of any snow round here.

  • I wet the bed till I was 11 and I like the Smiths :-(

    Lovely out there today!

    I wet myself just for fun.
    Ill and at home again.
    Who are The Smiths?

    I wet meyself yesterday but blame M&S for not suppling instructions on how to use pants.­lue%20Personalized.jpg

  • Went down hard just 200m from my garage last night - first spill I've had in 8 fecking years too! Glad I had me lid on coz it was my head and my arse that took the impact. On investigation I was surprised I hadn't slipped off earlier on the same piece of road - it was hard just walking on it. Livid bruise on my arse this morning.
    Take it nice and careful folks.

  • No sign of any snow round here.

    Same here.. Saw a couple of flakes but nothing like the 'heavy snow shower' forecast for Peckham in the early hours of this morning.

  • fair amount of snow in SE18, froze afterwards as well so the fisr few back roads leading to the main road were icy.

  • So I finally get my chores done and it decides to start pissin' down as I'm getting the bike ready to leave the house... FFS... :/

  • at least you don't have to ride your bike!

  • Shut up, Ed... Repped...

  • that was pretty good.

  • TS be careful, the bike might get dirty

  • WTF?!? Why all the aggro? It's not like I'm losin' my hair or anythin'... Jeez... ;P

  • i was joking! i hate this weather too :(

  • Me jokey too... Just been out in it and it's pure and utter filth... Freezing snow/rain right in your face, idiot xmas peds and motorists everywhere... Oh deep joy... :/

  • Two early morning snow related stacks.

    The first was mine coming out of an ungritted, icy side road. Stomped on the pedal to get moving quickly, back wheel when one way, I went the other.

    The second was a guy out with his dog. He was trying to take a careful corner onto an ungritted icy road and his dog lost traction and ploughed into his front wheel. Bike dog and man all in a heap on the floor. I laughed long and hard before checking he was OK and laughed a bit more after that.

  • Snow up west right now ... shit, got some miles to do tonight. Testing HTFU to the limits.

  • Dogs? Don't get me started...

    I have to walk my two dogs down to the tow path from home, about a quarter mile away down a quiet horseshoe of residential road. It's an ice rink right now, so no way was I putting the dogs on leads (choco lab and lurcher cross: dogs on lead-ice on roads-guaranteed hip smash). So ponse in a car drives past (too fast for ice) and gives me this look of derision for having dogs not under control, when his car was under even less control.

    Can anyone explain to me why it is that just because some town planner decided to dump a stretch of tarmac on some pristine countryside, every driver from that day onwards thinks it's his/her God given right to act like some kind of fascist, quite willing to mow people (or dogs) down because '*my car is on a road, and everything else has to stay out of my way or I'll kill it because this is MY DOMAIN*' Assholes.

  • mega-snow in Bethnal Green right now.

  • Be careful out there people, traffic in Brixton crawling along at a snail's pace, already spotted a few cars sliding... Treacherous...

  • This is not good.

    Clear roads with a bit of drizzle before I started my weights session, just looked out and there's 2" of snow and cars in trouble sliding up and down the road.

    Take extra care those of you riding home in this, though I know you will, better to say good luck!

  • Just ride smooth, safe and slow everyone.

    Sorry I sound like a Durex ad or something...

  • I left my house in Clapton at 5.30am, towards Stansted, had a 8.30am flight to Madrid; later another connection to Lisbon at 5pm. Around 9am!!!... after everyone panicking for no news (ryanair), we were inform by the airport staff there was no flights till 11.30am. At 11.00am another announcement, nothing till 12.50. Finally the plane arrived, apparently the weather in Madrid was/is terrible, so no going outs, no going ins. Everyone boarded quickly into the plane and again, the captin "due to weather conditions we'll only take off in about 1h40m...ha!!..jokers[strike]fuckers[/str­ike]. After another scene of shouting lasting around an hour something, we took off at 3pm... arrived in Madrid at 6pm(local time).. no more plane to Lisbon; option?: £370 to do madrid/lisbon, one way, Iberia. Options, coach for €40 at 7am, tomorrow.
    So hre I am, sitting on the floor of Madrid famous Barajas Aeropuerto... me and thousands more, and news crews, the all circus. People crying, people shouting.... xmas joy.
    Easyjet's and Ryanair's desks have a police "cord" around, the Q is of about 1h30m to be heard/ignored/laugh at... wanted to save some squid (about 350 quid london lisbon in november), so paid 150(+40 now) and will do it in 36hrs. Ha, fck me!
    This looks like a refugee camp...

    this is it...

  • I sweated away at least 4 litres this morning during a 2.5 hour ride.

  • If anyone can look west and see the sun it's a most beautiful red at the moment.

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The Great British Weather

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