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  • Top shop ,Paul sorted me out a full 12 speed Campag groupset with some awkward options from me that beat anyone’s price incl the pure internet vendors ,some good advice about bottom bracket fitting and two free water bottles and sweeties in the box

  • Is this the best place to start talking about Triton cycles? I'm one of many that are having problems with them. Does this deserve its own thread? I remember someone else complaining about them recently but the conversation doesn't show up when i put Triton or Triton cycles into the search bar.

  • On Twitter lots of people are asking for refunds etc. I'm not sure whether to wait a bit longer or cancel

  • I've been waiting since the end of April and on singletrackworld and trust pilot every one seems to be waiting for orders the problem with cancelling is you need to have them acknowledge the request for a cancellation. They don't answer the phone or respond to emails and everyone else seems to say the same apart from about 1 in ten customers that have ordered stuff thats turned up in 2 or 3 days. Going through your bank seems to be the only way to get your money back. There terms and conditions seem strange as well. Best avoid in the future i reckon.

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  • So they send you an order confirmation email that isn't conformation of your order. The only other time I've seen anything even close to this is when you place an order and the payment pends until just before shipping then they finally take the payment and if no shipment is made after i think 28 days the money automatically drops back into your account. But Triton seem to just take your money and hold on to it indefinitely. I would say they are being deliberately misleading and evasive.

  • @Retro_bastard

    Last week I sent a message through the Triton web form to either provide an update or give me a refund. Just had an email saying "refund confirmed" with no explanation.

    A shame, I used to like them but this is a pretty poor performance

  • Yeah i agree its a shame i ordered a super x from them last year 2 day delivery and a friend of mine ordered a GT mountain bike just a few day before i placed my recent order and his turned up in 48 hours as well so they are managing to get some stuff out. I tried contacting them through their online form asking them to cancel my order if the couldn't send it or at least provide me an update and over a week later no reply so I had to contact my bank for a charge backt this week from stuff i ordered in April. I expect they are probably overwhelmed with orders and emails from customers whilst being short staffed. I think they probably should have stopped taking orders for a little while to catch up with themselves as the damage to their reputation must be pretty bad and a really stressful time for the owners and staff. They are getting a really hard time on trust pilot with lots of new customers calling them out as scammers and they are now getting investigated by trading standards. They should at the very least replace their banner saying we are open orders will be delivered for something a little more honest and maybe a general apology and explanation to all the customers experiencing delays with orders rather than the total radio silence me and many others have experienced.

  • Luckily only bought a couple of bottle cages, but yeah that was a couple months back now and they don't answer the phone or reply to my messages. Glad I stumbled across this thread - thanks.

  • Anyone ordered from which seems to be one and the same as velotech services?

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Online bike shops

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