I got something to celebrate

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  • so meet me at the j-snow this friday, it will be tons of fun, and drunken/ stright edge mayham

  • was gonna post about meeting there Friday too, anyone wanna help me celebrate another year on this planet?
    (sorry to gatecrash your post vegans)

  • year im down for that mate....i might even see you chris:)

  • chris what are you celebrating??
    rob what are your plans for the night?? are you going to ride?

  • Nothing major planned, just thought it'd be nice to hook up with a few bods and have a bevvy. I'll be on the bike coz I'll be riding to work.

  • cool,i plan to have my fixie finished by then:)

  • Kool.

    You drink to remember, I'll drink to forget.

    In the absence of me wheels, how shall I make meself known?

  • just come and say hello to anyone who's 6'5, wearing glasses, with a camo Chrome bag in the vicinity of a bike with pink hubs.
    Can't be too many of them :-D

  • gate crashers allways welcome (people might actuly show up), i might have to shoot off erly cuz some mates finished their course and i will have to see them...

    my celebration is a secret... so if you know allredy beacsue you happened to phone me, or see me your not allowed to tell.

  • what time?

  • Your pregnant!

  • do i know cos u shouted it at me in the street?

  • is he gay?

  • rakan do i know cos u shouted it at me in the street?

    yes but your not allowed to tell.

    aidan is he gay?

    only half, stright people miss out on half the fun

    Hovis Brown what time?

    7-7.30ish till some time after close...

    6ft 6in yankee with a blue fuji with white/ red forks, if any one needs to find me, balck hat... not the cycleing kind, and nope i never take it off

  • i phoned chris and he told me...... i won't let the cat out of the bag though ... vd

  • dicki ( julian ) i phoned chris and he told me...... i won't let the cat out of the bag though ... vd

    vd? you have a venerial disease? congratulations!

  • Might pop along meself to say hi - already met Slamm & dicki but would be good to meet more of you/us!

  • ok, so it's frickin' slashing down. (7.15am) was gonna cycle in today but cannae be funked to sweat it out in wet weather gear.
    Won't be on my bike later but are peeps still up for a drink this eve?

    edit fack it, it's kinda stopped now so I'm gonna ride!

  • yeah i prob will come down

  • ummm it is going to aint it,il decide if i ride or tube it later on in the day

  • vegansdontneedgears

    6ft 6in yankee

    you sure about that?

  • hes talking shit!! are you there tonight??

  • Who's going straight after work? 5pm? Anyone?

  • i can be there at that time considering im sitting on my arse doing nowt

  • tube whats one of those ?

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I got something to celebrate

Posted by Avatar for chris_crash @chris_crash