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  • Thank you, yes looks like it worked 👍

  • i clicked too havent signed up yet but all good to use the code ? wanted to check 1st :)

  • You can use mine if you like.

  • thanks :)

  • Nice one rich if your interested in how much you'll pay here's some more deets. Have used them before and they also cover bike lockers near your home iirc. Good customer service although I've never had to claim.

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  • So Marin hybrid ( 1994 ) stolen this week - I have the original bike shop receipt for the princely sum of £ 389 (790 odd now according to Bank of England inflation calculator ) and £600 worth of receipts from 2018 for upgraded parts (everything new except f+f basically ) it should be covered on my contents but any idea how direct line will approach this ? Equivalent bike would be - I guess- a low range genesis CDf kinda - or one of the 1k ish Marin urban grav-grav offerings .

  • I've no experience with Direct Line, but based on my experience with other insurers they will offer you an equivalent brand new bike, or the cash that the equivalent new bike would cost

  • Thanks - so direct line have offered 785 cash - calling a modern Marin muirwoods an equivalent frame and components- it could be worse - but do I argue the toss on equivalency ? request additional cash to cover rear rack, guards and lights (which I provided receipts for) or just be grateful and take the 585 (after 200 excess) ?

  • I'd argue. A few years back with Aviva I had similar where the equivalent they offered had many inferior components so I did a calculation including the upgraded components and they saw my point and increased their offer.

    The only place you may run into issues is if you run into your stated replacement value. So if you insured it stating that a replacement would be 1k, they're not going to give you 1500 to replace. They will say you are under-insured.

  • Any referral codes for Laka?

  • Used it, ta

  • Anyone familiar with something like communal bike insurance... I'm considering buying a cargo bike for use within my apartment building/community... Wondering if someone has done similar and could recommend insurers... suspect I'd need a specialist insurance for it really, but maybe bikmo or Laka might be interested?

  • Massive thanks to the person who just used my referral code for Laka.

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Bike Insurance

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