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  • Without getting you to dig through the garage to find them all - what tubs do you have stashed away? Might be interested if the offer is an open one? I've just starting using my tubular summer wheels again and my stock of tubs is low.

  • I have to many lots of 22mm mostly continentals a couple of wolbers too.

  • naked tub, lyon brand, very supple but the tread had perished so i peeled it off

    a tread from a dead corsa g (dodgy batch where the tread comes off easily- those with a keen eye will have noticed vittoria has since changed the application and type of grey adhesive/coating to the cotton)

    some time later.. i have a lyon corsa g, and clearly far too much time on my hands.

  • I now have tubs on my cross race bike, the wheelset is Matrix Tx50 Carbon with A.Dugast tubulars fitted.

    They ride beautifully! But I'm terrified of puncturing.

    Handy thread, subscribed.

  • I think I’ve had one tub puncture in the last ten years racing cx. They are more robust than you might think. Take care of them, so keep them clean and dry them after wet and muddy races, and they are usually fine.

    Be careful on using them on certain courses too, I rarely run tubs at Herne Hill for example, as the buried rubble out the back is notorious for killing them.

  • That's very reassuring.

    Thank you for the advice!

  • What are people using to get rid of old tub residue? I've got loads of old crumbly bits on a few rims that needs to come off. Not keen to use heat on disc wheels too btw.

  • Sure I’ve seen videos of pro team mechanics spinning them against a wire brush.

  • I must ask my butler how he does mine.

    I used to scrape off the crusty bits with a blunt butter knife, use solvent on the residue.

  • There's this red gel in a tube. It's been mentioned in this threas. Effetto Mariposa or something it's called. Is good.

  • A cheap tub recommendation - Schwalbe Lugano T. Puncture resistant and nice to ride, come in black and tan wall (if you order from Germany). Only downside is they're fairly narrow at 22mm.
    Had a pair on a vintage road bike for two years now for riding around Brum's city streets in the summer, and despite a fair few glass cuts I've yet to puncture.

    Leagues ahead of the equivalent in price Conti Giro and Vittoria Rally

  • I've unearthed 2x 22mm Dugast Pista Silks. Good condition but a few years old, stored in the dark though. Anyone interested? Cheap.

  • I'm interested. Will send a DM

  • Can anyone say for certain whether Michelin tubs have a coating on the basetape you're supposed to scrape off? It feels kind of rubbery to the touch but rubbing it with my thumb and then with a (table) knife doesn't seem to dislodge or mark it. Leave it?

  • Do a small test with the glue you will use. Leave it overnight and if the glue comes off easily, sand the basetape. If it sticks, you're good.

  • I just have to give a massive recommendation for Effetto Mariposa Carogna tubular tape. I just removed and replaced two tubs in less than an hour. Tape just peels off, so easy to apply.

  • Anyone knows good alternatives to Tufo Extreme Sealant for tubular tyres?

    Sold out all across UK in every store, so would love to hear if anything else compares to it that I can buy here before I order Tufos from Germany. (or if anyone knows where they still sell it in the UK)

  • Orange seal has served me very well all over Scottish city roads. I'd buy it again

  • I've used Caffelatex to great success in cross tubs (Dugast and FMB)

  • thank you guys!

    ah Wiggle restocked finally!

    I bought a bottle of orange seal in the meantime, will see how it compares. I might also try caffelatex in a tracklocross I'm planning!

    On another note, anyone knows if 650b tubulars are a thing? Only found a challenge, a dugast and a cheap schwalbe tyre, and no rims at all...

  • Dredge.

    I dont imagine the world of tubs has changed dramatically in the last couple of years but please correct me if I'm wrong:

    1/ Carbon rims can be cleaned with acetone, if this doesn't work Effeto Mariposa makes an efficient dedicated cleaner
    2/ Effeto Mariposa again makes a tape that is safe to use
    3/ You can put tubeless sealant for puncture protection, Caffe Latex seems to be the best, but Orange Seal (I have some left over) should be OK.

    Anything I'm missing? @dammit you wouldn't have a stash of tubs you want rid of by any chance?

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