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  • when i was younger i used wet and dry on an old bmx frame then primered it, then sprayed and then laquered it but cant really remember if it was any good or not?

    my current fixies frame is pretty battered and was thinking of respraying it myself as it is starting to get bits of rust.
    its an old benotto frame but i cont think i would mind losing the decals at all.

    anyone got any experience with this?
    i am skint(student) so dont want to pay for a respray.

  • you'd have to powdercoat it before spraying it, otherwise it'll look a bit dodge, and if you didn't care it would be ok but since you wanna respray you probably do then i'd say leave it till you have enough cash to do it
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    is cheap tho, and good

  • Why not just powdercoat it and leave it at that? Cheaper than spraying over powdercoat..

  • If you don't mind colour at the mo' and just want to tidy-up the frame, I can recommend sanding 600 grit on the rust spots and using nail-varnish to cover-up. it has worked a treat on my bike (pink - so admittedly nail varnish was EASY to find..) and I can touch-up as needed...

    If you are going to spray it yourself perhaps choose the same/similar colour and spray over the current paint-scheme. This will look a bit rubbish - but it doesn't show when it chips/flakes off.

    both ideas are more geared towards beater-bikes.. at uni you would likely want a low-key, unattractive-to-thieves ride?

  • yeh i was thinking that at uni( i start in october) i wont want my bike looking too nice.
    how do i go about powder coating it?

  • hammerite i've done frames with hamerite and the finish isn't too bad ....just paint it

  • If you prime a couple of light coats and leave somewhere warm to cure then the same with spray paint it should turn out pretty good if you are a bit handy. Alternatively powdercoat google in your area) or get a car body shop to do it for cheap. Thats what I did and it worked a treat with a little masking first.

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