Who can install a headset?

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  • I'm picking up my nu frame today and as i have no tools i thinnk i'll need some help fitting the headset which i don't own at the moment, i'll be picking it up from London Bridge so and live in E2 so anywhere around SE or E postocodes would be hella cool

  • Before I realised you can walk into a halfords and use any of their park tools so long as you give the spods behind the counter a quick tutorial on what they are and how they are used (seriously its park toolo'rama in the Charlton shop. I used to do it like this and never had a problem.


  • yeah i could do that if only i knew what i was doing...it's karma from buying a frame and a headset and let the Nice BricklaneBikes guys help me.

  • i have a headset press and fork crown installer thingy you can borrow. Not going to be out you neck of the woods for a while now but could meet you somewhere central to hand over the goods.

  • that'd be cool i need to get a headset first though but i'll let you know once i have thhe frame or something
    p.s. working hard aye?

  • cool, let me know the day before you want it, as it's pretty heavy so don't want to lug it back and forth from work everyday

  • Try Andy at FixedGearLondon. He said he's got all the tools.

  • what's that DIY tool i've seen people using - seems to be a metal rod with circular disks on it
    for pushing in the cups evenly - but i can't quite see how it would work - the rods don't seem to
    be threaded.
    Can anyone explain / provide links that show clearly how it works?
    Forgive my ignorance/inexperience - i don't trust edwardes to do a decent job with mine
    after i've seen the condition of the (un-greased) headset they left in my new frame.

    if you want a job doing properly ...

  • try roberto...

  • Everyones going to Robertos yard to freeload his biketools, lol.

  • they might see something they like while they are there and make it worth his while !!
    the headset installer is just like a large g clamp one above one below cups in the middle and tighten should be threaded no doubt it just squeezes the cups onto the frame....don't ask how they get the cups off if changing headsets it'll make your eyes water

  • block wood and a good hammer, worked everytime for me..
    screw driver and a hammer to knock 'em out

  • < eyes watering > my poor baby my poor baby i'm sorry for what that man is doing to you don't worry it'll be over soon

  • haha

  • yeah - just been poking about inside my headtube and i can see that gingerly tapping the cups out from
    the opposite side will have to be the way forward for removal.
    Edwardes has not greased ANYTHING in there so it should be fun...

    As for getting whatever new 1" headset i finally decide on in there... a threaded rod, 2 nuts and two flat disks
    it'll have to be!

    If i don't go the fit n forget chris king route, has anyone got any suggestions for decent long lasting aheadsets?

  • i have a tange levin 1" headset for sale any interest going cheapish

  • ah thanks but my fork is unthreaded - also i'm looking for a shiny bling silver (long lasting) 1" aheadset...
    chorus? king? any other ideas?

  • Shitting Crikey! ah thanks but my fork is unthreaded - also i'm looking for a shiny bling silver (long lasting) 1" aheadset...
    chorus? king? any other ideas?

    Cane Creek? FRM?

  • julian i might be interested. i just bought a frame and the guy said the headset's a bit stuck. i'm getting it tomorrow will let you know how it's like. that cool with u?

  • orbit extreme are good, had one for 10 years on my mtb, never had to touch it.

  • stef you were first £17 for the headset

  • ah, is that gone? i'll trawl around the bay then.

  • so is it black threadless and 1" then?
    if not ed can have it.

  • it looks like a campy record headset and is chrome and threaded

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Who can install a headset?

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