Saturday Night Ride 30th June

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  • a friend gave the idea of doing all the Bridges in one night, that would be nice..
    so who wants to go for a Night Ride?
    starting around 23:00 or midnight...

  • when? im up for it:)

  • that'd be awesome. Count me in (depending on when it is, pretty busy next few weekends)

  • That sounds like a winner!

  • how many of the thames bridges do you think kof tho coz it goes out if LDN and beyond

  • dartford crossing ? theres also some bridges across the thames near oxford !

  • i'm in - though depends when - cant really do next two weekends

  • Great Idea !
    Tower Bridge to Hampton Court Bridge ?

  • Cool idea, I'll be up for that.

  • Sounds good. We going east or west? Anyone fancy doing it midweek or is that a stupid idea?

  • Sounds good, although living out east it would be nice to have some people to ride back into central with.

    I think it should go to Kew Bridge at the very least, really the rest of them are in Surrey.

  • I'll be heading back to Stratford so can keep you company as far as the Greenwich foot tunnel

  • I'm up for this.

    As soon as possible is a good idea, solstice means lots of light still.

    Oh, and I'm fixed again... though having to get used to it again!

  • i could/might too

  • i'm in if i don't work
    p.s. i don't care if it's dark or not but it would be nice to do it in a warm nite

  • I would love to do this, I live in Central London so I could form part of the crew heading back to town.
    Any weeknight past 17:30 bar Wens would suit me. Sat past 21:00 would also be cool.

  • Thursday night?

  • I can sense this is gonna be difficult to get everyone to agree on a suitable night.

    Can't do Thursday :-/
    Friday? We could include a bit of drinking into the shenanigans too.
    There's good pubs by the bridges at Putney, Hammersmith and Richmond (my neck of the woods) for starters. Any others?

  • A friday would be good call me a pussy but you don't keep a face looking this prity takes sleep.

  • pussy^

  • you better take some tablets and sleep for a week then tommy ;^)

  • Yeah Friday may be the best night for this ride..

  • count me in!

  • Who's Rolling to the Stones this Wednesday?

  • the last friday of the month, we do the Critical Mass , than after we go from east to west or west to east...
    kew bridge to tower bridge...

    friday 29th , 00:00 ...

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Saturday Night Ride 30th June

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