Deep V rim tape

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  • Anyone know if you need special rim tape ?.
    Have put 13 mm nutrak on and now can't get fing tyres on. Perhaps behaving like twt w tyres , tho have strong fingers.

  • Don't think so, which tyres are they?
    I use the Velocity VeloPlugs: much better than rim tape!

  • gatorskins ,
    where dyou get the veloplugs ?. - brick lane bikes ?.

  • I've always found Conti's to be very difficult to fit. A wad of washing up liquid helps, but not when you're on the road.

    I got my VeloPlugs from Ben's Bike in Milwaukie, when I bought my Deep Vs. They have an eBay shop and an online presence. Very helpful and efficient. Cheap, too.

    Those Velocity stickers are ugly. But they do cover the join...

  • Just stick the wheel on a table once you've got the majority of the tyre on, then stand about arms length and push all your weight into rolling the tyre over the rim.

    I can't imagine the rim tape stopping you getting tyres on :S

  • that tyre was so not going on.
    veloplugs - cant seem to get em in Uk

    quick and dirty solution , don't know if it'll last


  • lol, you'll soon find out :P

  • Got my velo-plugs from, cheaper than getting them sent from the US. £14.99 and arrived the next day! Friendly and helpful folks there.

  • cheers mate.

  • Never had a problem mounting Conti/Specialized/Vredsteins/Vittorias on my Deep Vs.

    13mm rim tape shouldn't cause that many problems, though I generally use the 10mm Velox cloth tape for what its worth.

    I'd pull the tape off and check you can actually get the tire mounted before dropping 15 quid on plugs. There are just some tire/rim combos which are just awful.

  • Think i just discovered one of those awful combinations myself! Conti GP 4000 are a bastard
    tyre to get on my rims - though i've heard other people say that about Conti tyres generally too. Anyway, in
    these situations I've learnt that technique counts for a lot... often you're just coming at it
    from the wrong starting point /angle.

  • Here's a useful trick for getting tight tyres on tight rims.
    When you get to the last tight bit of the tyre, starting opposite the tight bit, twist the tyre with thumb and forefinger and repeat (5-6 times) working your way towards the tight bit. Then go back to the opposite point and go the other way. The object is to locate the beads (wire inside tyre) directly in the centre of the rim, which is the smallest diameter. This should give you a slightly less tight bit. Repeat as ness'.
    I've used this method for years and have NEVER had to use tyre levers, which should be avoided. Good luck.

  • triangle of tape over each hole works, just worried it wil move when riding revealing sharp edge of hole.
    As I said , no way was that tyre going on , even with washing up liquid , tyre levers blisters on thumbs and 3 blokes each having a go.
    Anyway , I don't want to be pratting about when I miles from anywhere like that. Goes on nicely now. Just worried may lead to trouble miles from anywhere ....

  • heh
    i had the same problem with the bloody velocities as well when i first laced them up..........with conti gatorskin tyre........fucked up my fingers......only to find out that the wheel wont fit into the the fork clearance is not really a clearance:-).........tried folding fine......20 insted of 23.....fits the fork fine;-)........yeah also the rim is probably a bit narrower than open pro's i was using it pushes the tyre a bit if you have a tight clearence on the bike it will rub the fork/rear bridge.....stupid track frames;-)

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Deep V rim tape

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