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  • stef, will check out the mini maglite. was thinking of taping some kind of torch to the stem as that seems to make sense - if the maglite is small enough that should be doable. cheers

  • just invest in the led upgrade so you'll get a brighter light that uses less power , and the investment won't be as onedirectional as investing in some expensive cycliong lights that would produce as much light as a maglite.

  • If you want to attach a normal tourch to your bars a good methos is to loop a piece of inertube under the bars. So tie off a legth of inner tube into a loop and hang around one end of your tourch, lay the tourch on the handle bars and loop it under teh bars poking the other end of the tourch thriugh the other end of the loop. If you make the length of tube the correct length you should have a nice secure fitting.

  • stef - will get down a, er, torch shop tomorrow and take a browse. work near high street ken so it has all the snow & rock, millets, et al. so will check that out. though will check with hiker brother first to see what kit he has for his overnighters.

    tommy - like the sound of that so will experiment when i have the torch sorted. my problem is i am riding serious cut down riser bars so not a lot to play with in terms of handlebar space. don't reckon i could do that kind of distance no handed!

  • The Dinotte attaches in a similar way but with a narrow band. You could alway mount it under the bars or on your head tube using this method.

  • elegant solution tommy - that dinotte looks small and tidy - how much does something like that set you back. the mini maglites are about £16 on wiggle

  • I don't know, hippy has one.

  • hippy, if you are out there - can you gis a clue how much that Dinotte set you back - got a feeling it is a good bit more than me taping a 20 quid torch to the stem.

  • LOTS.
    I think when you add in all of it, light, loads of batts, charger, spare batt bracket, it was like £150.
    When you put the batteries in properly though they are fantastic and so much better for road-bike use than the chucky old niMH mtb lights I used to have..

  • cheers hippy, to steep for the wilkinson exchequer. will look at a botch job for the Dun Run as will be my first proper night ride (so not ready to splash the cash yet). funnily the only other night ride I did was going to a wedding in southwold, about 8 miles from darsham. scary as...

    will find a well-lit wheel to follow to this time.

  • What do you think the battery life will be like on this?

  • jonnywilkinson will find a well-lit wheel to follow to this time.

    Aussies love their DIY: http://www.timpaton.net/bikes/light/inde­x.htm

  • http://www.instructables.com/id/E6XNVE9M­YKEP4HD9XX/?comments=all

    this is a good way of attaching a light too..

  • Who's already done this ride fixed? What gear did you use and what opinion of that guy would you like to share? 65" or 70" or 75"?

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Dunwich Dynamo

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