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  • after repeatedly being outbid at the last seconds on ebay i decided to go for this bike instead
    i won this bike on ebay for £43, ive just gotta go and pick it up now.

    more details and pictures to come once ive picked it up from the seller

  • It's lovely. A real classic, don't do anything about it except regreasing and polishing.

  • Is that second-last pic an odometer? Wicked!!
    SA 3-speed.. ahh 3-speed grip shifter and ape-hanger bars.. reminds me of easier days..

  • Nice.

    Sturmey Archer hub too!

  • So are you going to strip it down and turn it into a Schwinn style cruiser...?

  • i dont know what im gonna do with it yet cos ive still gotta go and pick it up. once i have ill see what needs replacing, fixing, converting and so on. but from the pictures it looks like i wont have to do much

  • with some tinkering you can change a 3speed sturney into a two speed fixed..

  • i had a brand new one of these, back in the late 70's....i'll post a picture if i can find one.

  • here it is­/547876031/
    Sorry, I can't work out how to post the actual picture here.
    I saw I ladies version Wayfarer left out as scrap a few weeks ago and was quite tempted,
    but lack garage space (13 bikes last count) and it was in very poor condition.
    Very jealous of you. Please, please, please keep it original.

    Now i'm off to ebay.......

  • keeping it original would look pretty cool.

    and converting it from 3 speed to 2 speed fixed would be pretty awesome. plus you don't have to buy new hubs etc

    i really want an odometer like that :(

  • plans! right i have some pictures (not very good ones)

    my plans for this is to remove the rear brake as i never use it and change it to fixed gear. if anyone has any tips on how to do this it would be greatly appreciated. i hope the pics add some more insight into doing this. i have my own ideas on how to go about changing it but i dont wanna rush into it and ruin anything.

  • two speed fixed dreamy

  • The convertion a a three speed to two speed fixed aparently results in a hub with alot (I mean 1/4 to 1/2 a pedal revolution) of slack.

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new project

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