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  • So my mate did one at the weekend, said it was pretty ace. Off this website which plans it all for you (the Bond Street pub is The Duke Of York!). He said you've got to rush around on public transport all day long to do it. And, well we all know it's quicker by bike. Anyone fancy a Monopoly Pub Crawl by bike?

    Here's the links

    Route details:­.jsp?route=inorder.xml

  • that might be a good laugh, have to have half in each though, don't fancy doing pints 8^)

  • count me in i love monopoly i'll be the top hat

  • I did one of those.. or somefink.. no fscking way it's rideable. We weren't sticking to one drink per pub though.

  • I reckon if we leave out the stations and have a bottle in each, no problem.

  • Let's do it in a slightly more sane order though. The end will get messy enough. I suggest we spiral around from the bottom right and end in the cluster fuck of pubs in the South West section.

  • does monopoly have any south london streets on it??:)

  • can we do it backwards so we end up in elephant

  • Old Kent Rd?

  • but its at the start....i dont want to ride home drunk!

  • would be better if we end up central..

  • how about we all do it in our own way? Monopoloy alley cat anyone? You'd have to collect a receipt from each pub (which is of course date stamped) and that would prove the completion of the route.

    This way, everyone can go their own way and it's a race against the clock, on a set circuit ;)

  • thats a plan! im off

  • If we do this... we need to dress the part.

    Monopoly pieces.

    Bagsy the Top Hat.

  • the car for me!

  • With eight pints this would not be a fast race. I think it would be better to have a seperate pub crawl and race, maybe a drink at one check point but every one! If you're at a pub you want to chill man not neck every pint and not talk to anyone. That is my personal opinion anyway.

  • Half in each... 4 pints :)

  • there are 22 stops a pint in each would make it interesting maybe we should hit off licences on each stop 1/2 a can of stella* (*insert your poison here ) that would be 11 pints or so and cheaper from offies
    most are within the central area only ones outside old kent road and whitechapel
    does anyone know where malborough street is as it isn't on the a-z and bow street are there are many bow streets difficult to work out

    as we are a social bunch it might be fun to ride this together and as far as racing is concerned if anyone can get on their bikes by the end of this i would be surprised so racing mightn't be the wisest idea
    tentative route
    old kent - whitechapel - angel - pentonville road - euston - oxford - regent - park lane - mayfair - picadilly - bond - pall mall - trafalgar - whitehall - northumberland - fleet - strand - covent - vine - leicester end up in a heap at the foot of eros to finish in front of thousands of onlookers

    missing bow street and malborough don't know where and which one

  • this is going to be so slow, can you imagine the bike locking and unlocking..

  • at my age, I couldn't even do that walking
    worst drunken/bicycle episode:
    When I was working in an office above ealing broadway shopping centre. I used to cycle down the long steep car park ramp to exit. Some after work drinks had left me somewhat the worse for wear. I was accelerating down the ramp, just as a lorry was exiting the underground delivery area (which merged at the bottom of the car park ramp into 1 lane with the car park exit).
    Fortunately I had enough brain power left to deduce that the lorry might not see me; unfortunately this didn't transmit into a coordinated braking manouevre that wouldn't leave me lying in a heap on the floor. I picked myself up, dusted myself down, cycled off down the hill to Brentford, in what can only be described as clown like fashion with loose handlebars, & what might as well have been square wheels; I don't know how I managed to traverse the A4 roundabout.
    My wife didn't know whether to laugh, cry, get angry; I was covered in blood, clothes ripped, reeked of alcohol...etc. People at work tried in vain (thankfully) to see if they could get cctv. footage.

  • I think the Bow street on the board runs down the east side of Covent Garden. Marlborough street, not sure - maybe just smoke some or something.
    Sounds cool...

  • haa,square wheels!!

  • Marlborough Street
    I guess they couldn't fit "Great" on the board.

    As a Monopoly purist I think it should be done in order, surely a glass of champers in Mayfair is the best way to finish? But the idea of an alleycat is pretty sweet.

  • How the fuck do you dress up as an iron? Gah, the top hat is clearly the piece of choice.

  • siman How the fuck do you dress up as an iron? Gah, the top hat is clearly the piece of choice.

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Monopoly Pub Crawl

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