• What's lfgss's collective knowledge on routes from Kings Cross to Canary Wharf pls?

  • What's lfgss's collective knowledge on routes from Kings Cross to Canary Wharf pls?

    Part of my commute is along national cycle network number 16, which runs from Kings Cross down to Victoria Park through the backstreets of Islington. If you then want to head directly to Canary Wharf you can head down Grove Road, continue onto Burdett Road and through to Canary Wharf.

    http://www.opencyclemap.org/ has number 16 marked out

  • ^Depending on time of day what is wrong with just hitting Old Street and then going down Hackney Road instead? Which is what I would do, though not at peak time perhaps.

  • Who can suggest (roughly) a nice route from central London to Kew Garden?

  • I need to get from approximately hackney wick to approximately charlton station and back, preferably via the least faff-y route. Nothing seems direct except the A12/Blackwall tunnel and you're not allowed to cycle it anyway!

  • Do you want to do the Greenwich foot tunnel or not? That's the deal breaker.

  • I used it today in both directions, can see the not-cycling getting old very quickly...

  • Yep.

    Wick - Viccy Park - Approach Rd - Cambridge Heath rd - Whitechapel - New Rd - The Highway smurf lane - Tower Bridge - Jamaica Rd - Surrey Quays - Deptford - Greenwich - Charlton....

    ... Or there's a cable car with your name on it.

  • Extra couple of miles vs a tedious walk. Hmmm.

    I'd happily get the cable car if it didn't cost more than the sun!

  • I prefer the miles to the walk too. Also not keen on cyclists riding through the tunnel.

  • It seems a bit pointless to ban cycling when it seems to be mostly used by cyclists but I can see how it's a bit antisocial.

    Maybe I'll try the long way round tomorrow - the roads in/out of isle of dogs are all sorts of fucked up anyway so I don't think it will take any longer. For that matter, the roads in charlton/'north greenwich' are pretty messed up too, with pointless dual carriageways everywhere with everyone inevitably ignoring the speed limits.

  • Hows about the Woolwich tunnel and then Woolwich road to Charlton stn?

  • what about rovverhive?:

  • Hows about the Woolwich tunnel and then Woolwich road to Charlton stn?

    That's a possibility, although I assume the walking/cycling situation is pretty similar to the Greenwich tunnel?

    what about rovverhive?:

    Grim and if I'm going that far out of my way I may as well go to tower bridge and enjoy the view.

  • The cycling ban is too inflexible and generally flouted. It's meant for those times when there's a lot of footfall and tyre-roll in the tunnel, but authorities don't trust people's discretion. The result is a 'ban' in disrepute owing to being ignored by many. It's a difficult problem, as the money isn't there to have staffers any more. Some people really do ride down the tunnel too fast, but as usual that shouldn't trigger a blanket ban. Those who don't care will carry on doing it, anyway, and those who ride considerately probably weren't a problem in the first place.

    When I last went down the foot tunnel on my way to Brockley Drinks the other day, the imposed walking gave me and another walking cyclist an opportunity for a nice conversation.

  • Putney Bridge is closing completely for 3 months from 14th July. Apparently, pedestrians will still be allowed across, but there will be no special dispensation for cyclists. Given the amount of peds that usually use the bridge, plus those who are displaced, plus the amount of commuters wheeling their bikes, the whole thing is looking like it's going to be a disaster.

    For those of us coming in from Surrey and SW London via Richmond Park to the City and West End, is there any viable alternative that doesn't take you miles off route over Hammersmith Bridge, or into the path of the Wandsworth one way system?

  • Quick thread dredge: any advice/tricks on how to quickly cross the city roughly SW to NE? All the routes I've tried get hung up badly at many sets of lights.

  • regents canal tow path?

  • That's not really the direction I mean; think more Waterloo to Shoreditch direction.

  • I would get on the embankment cycleway and turn off it in Whitechapel, then head up Brick Lane, continue up through Colombia Road > Broadway Market

  • I'm guessing you go along below the river and then over London Bridge and up Bishopsgate? Quite traffic lighty that way.

    My preference is to go across Waterloo bridge, right over Aldwych, down Fleet street for a little bit, up Chancery Lane >> Gray's Inn Rd >> then just down Clerkenwell Road as I find it's quite quick usually.

  • That's pretty much my commute. Lots of traffic and traffic lights though.
    Would be quieter to carry on Fleet Street until Shoe Lane and then head through smithsfield and golden lane estate.
    Although having said that, the last time I tried it there were building works blocking part of shoe lane. You could go up new fetter lane instead although you'll hit more traffic and a big set of lights..

  • East west balckfriars exit, north south till quiteway 2, then Q2

    full infra or gtfo

  • Depending on which but of Waterloo you are starting at, I'd do Roupell St/Meymott St, or Upper Ground, to join the NS superhighway, then the EW superhighway.

    Waterloo bridge is best avoided because of the lights at PS. Blackfriars or Southwark bridges are better options.

  • What's the best way to get on to Tooley Street coming South over Tower Bridge?

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