Abandoned bikes

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  • Has this been resolved yet ??

  • Sadly no. Every day, worldwide, bikes are abandoned by their owners and thieves, just like the greener policies made by politicians and big industries. With your help, at £5 per month, we can make that change. Sponsor an anglegrinder today and receive the warm feeling that another bike parking space has been freed up for use by a moped.

  • Noticed the other day that this had disappeared and mentioned it to my mate who lives opposite. He saw the lock being cut with his very own eyes and didn’t take a single photo. Fucking useless.

  • haha - nicely put

  • Going to be so gutted if @user98984 doesn't show his face in here again.

  • Tough ride home for this person

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  • Anyone’s?
    Got some nice hydro trp’s on that look like someone has already tried to pinch.

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  • What happened with the C-Track ?

    was it taken by it's owner or the evil ebayer ?

    where's the promised resto pic's, will it roll again ?

  • Just re-read the whole 'dale saga and wondering the same thing. I really thought the owner would've updated us by now... if you ARE the real owner @user98984?

  • Saga continues perhaps.

    Kinda looked like the actual owner collected it.... but did he ?

  • Could it really be "our" cannondale? I'm not entirely sure. Position of dent is quite fitting. But you can't really tell if the paint has been touched up. Might be a totaly different bike though.


  • Sorry to interrupt the ‘dale topic but saw this the other day and thought it looked pretty cool - Ritchey Breakaway type coupling...
    edit: thinking about it maybe this should go in how not to lock thread... how would you lock a breakaway?

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  • why didn't they take the rest of the bike as well I wonder

  • Any news on the dale topic? I want to see it back on the roads cleaned and regreased.

  • I’m afraid the saga ends in an unsatisfying way. Nothings will be heard anymore about the bike.

  • Your questions will remain unanswered

  • Now I really wanna know what happened!
    : ]

  • I wouldn't trust those steel forks..

    I thought the frame could be saved but that's about all I'd keep.

    Such a pity.

  • Does anyone recognise this bike?

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  • Abandoned Pinarello Dogmas:

    dozens of bikes, some worth as much as £10,000, are rusting at the bottom of skyscrapers in the Square Mile and Canary Wharf


  • Does this count as trickle down economics? People are fucked.

  • You have no idea.

    I used to work for a company that sent mechanics into these corporate citadels. The amount of amazing bikes, some not even locked that would sit on flat, cracked tires under a film of dust was staggering.

    We would also help with audit and removal of said bikes but believe me on collection day we were taking boardmans and Ridgeback step-through frames. That C'dale with full DA including wheelset? Nowhere to be found.

  • Does anybody have a cordless angle grinder to free an abandoned bike before it dies from rust? Preferable in Hackney?

  • ..that Cannondale still out there?

  • I am talking about a surly.

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Abandoned bikes

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