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  • i just got a pair and to be honest they fell horrible to ride on are they really flatproof as they say on the label?

  • I find them ok to ride. But have been riding them for so long now I have nothing to compare. I put a new pair on my bike last year about this time and haven't had a single puncture through all weathers and over a hundred miles a week of commuting.

  • All I can say is that I didn't get a single flat on them in over a year when I had them on my road bike, commuting 25 miles a day. I did find them hard and heavy though.

  • Armidillos Like riding on solid rubber, don't puncture, when they do bin them. Not a pleasant ride but you do get used to them. great if your doing major millage. I always stick something fancy on the front for the summer, Continental grand prix, like I'm a road racer.

    Good working tyre but not the grippiest tyre in the wet.

  • Yeah, i was using Armadillo's last winter, my current and best clincher is the handmade CONTINENTAL'S Grand Prix 4000 700x23 ...pricey but nice n sticky!

  • i agree any continenta tyre's way better then 'dillos but no punctures seems like a good compromise, anywhay after riding in them for 1 day it's already much easier + i like the look of them

  • I used them when I was a courier, unbeatable value and longevity, pity about the grip in the the wet though..

  • i've got a giant anteater that i ride. the armadillos i used to have were just moody and didn't get along.

  • Got a pair last week myself because of all the positive reviews they get and have to agree they are awful! They make my comfy steel cross frame feel like a cheap ali bike.

  • I got a pair for the Southend ride, got a puncture on that. And I got another one on Friday. WTF? I had a pair of Mondos on before that for a year and never got a puncture.

    Nice bit of Enfield there. I was wondering when that would get posted.

  • Pity his new show was patchy, but I liked the "I Saw You Coming" character. Could just have easily been set in a bike boutique...­uc

  • if your primary concern is not getting punctures....and you don't have any others like comfort, then Armadillos are way ahead of any other tyre....try 25s for a slightly softer ride.

  • The folding Armadillos seem a little softer than the non-folding ones.

    I've found that Conti Gatorskins on the front and Armadillos on the rear works well - the extra grip on the front is nice, and worth sacrificing a little puncture-resistance for.

  • My bad, I thought you were talking about mtb tyres.

  • Nasty tires. But bulletproof.

  • I have to say i've not tried armadillos yet - but i can recommend schwalbe blizzard sports. (14 quid a pair on ebay etc)

    Do at least 120 miles a week all around lewisham. newcross, hackney, old st, town etc and only ever had one puncture on
    them - on a tyre that i'd worn down to the belt and should've replaced weeks beforehand.

    Perhaps they feel slightly nicer than the armadillos?

  • I'm running, Armadillo on the front, and Schwalbe Blizzard on the back - my front wheel is from Decathlon, so before I even get to how shit the tyre is, I have to go through how shit the wheel is!!

  • i would recommend gatorskins as an alternative. very hardy but also shite in thw wet, as i found out last night!

  • I'm running Roubaix Armadillos and I'm happy enough.

    Had Contis before and found them prone to punctures and a right pain to remove and refit.

  • im just about to buy some schwalbe blizzard,im not sure what colour,im thinking yellow on a black bike

  • yeah yellow on black would be nice!

    im going to buy some.

    red on red bike?

  • i have had a pair of all condition armadillos and i hate them. had them on a really shitty, stiff and heavy pair of hybrid wheels that came with my first bike (an 80's condor audax). this combination can loosen my headset straightaway if i run over a pothole and feels like a punch in the bollocks.

    absolutely bulletproof, have ridden them in the snow even, don't know why i did that.

    for all i do i'm never going to buy anything made by specialized...

    i picked up a used blizzard from a skip a while ago, the whole tread was flat when i picked it up but i'm still using it and never had a puncture. rides much better than the armadillos too.

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