Fork fixin'

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  • right so i got me forks out, an i want to make em stright again... am i reaming, or is there a possibile way to do this.

    the part that goes up from the crown (into the bike) is sitted at a slight angel towards the left, an the top of the right crown is about 2.5 cm above the left

    any one know if i can fix em, any one got a better idea (or better tools) then a hammer, and some scafolding poles to beind things back rightish, and a level to check?

  • put a wheel in, then stick the steerer tube down a road drain, and push/pull, then check.
    did it once worked for a quick fix, if they are good forks DON'T do it.

  • I'm not so sure I would trust forks that were bent that far out and then bent back that far in. But the beauty of steel is that it can be bent and bent back and stay reasonably strong.

    Just make sure you have something between the ends, like an old front hub, to keep the spacing straight.

  • jump up and down on them till they look right

  • in was thinking run them over with a car, but i dont have one

  • haaaaaa

  • my mate from the states emaild me that seguestion...

  • Apparently metal has a memory, so it depends how long they were out before they'll go back in the right way.

  • i have memory, just about

  • steel has, aluminum hasn't

  • Just get a new one. Or else....

    KC broken fork

  • oh apperently my mate from the us was serrious, he emailed me a vid of how to do it...

    im gonna go for the new fork idea

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Fork fixin'

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