To all you graphic designers / illustrators out there...

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  • The advert reads like a proper job for a really awful salary
    Your description reads like a fairly dull job for a fairly poor salary

    If it's closer to your description then it sounds like something someone could part time.
    3 days a week for 26k rather than just having a junior designer twiddling their thumbs for half the week...?

  • I guess one has to be used to interpret the sort of langage used, i am really not.

    I just don't feel it conveys the easy going/casual/charity oriented vibe that it should suggest.

  • The advert reads like a proper job for a really awful salary
    Your description reads like a fairly dull job for a fairly poor salary

    Is £26k a really bad salary for a 20yr old? I thought that would have been quite nice for somebody in their first job?

  • Again a mismatch between how you see the spec and how it reads. It does not read to me as a first job that you want a 20-year-old for.

    I think it needs to be twisted away from creative/thorough etc. to read more as a studio support role under the guidance of the marketing dept, making clear that the photography/video competency expectation is low and that training/guidance will be provided (and that the evenings/weekends are for set things of a minimal quantity!).

    But I don't know how these things work or how a standard studio/org structure works because I haven't applied for or read a job spec for more than a decade at this point. I just know that if I read that and someone wanted to pay me 26k for it I would roll over and go back to bed for another hour or so until something more worthwhile hit my inbox.

  • Is £26k a really bad salary for a 20yr old? I thought that would have been quite nice for somebody in their first job?

    It's about £12.50 an hour when the London living wage is £11.05 so it's certainly nothing that I'd expect an employer to shout about.

    My first 'proper' job after dropping out of uni 20yrs ago was £15k. I was living at home and still don't think I had anything spare. It was one of those 'can do attitude' jobs in IT, where we were ridiculously under staffed and I basically just blagged it. I learned a lot, but the wage was still a pisstake.

    Agree with everything 6pt said ^ too

  • Aren't most job adverts like that?

  • Unrelated to the current discussion but I figured this might be the place to find people who have experience with plotter printers. I've bought an old second hand DesignJet and the lines that are supposed to be black come out like this. Is this likelier to be solved with a new cartridge or running the printhead cleaning utlity? Or is it just fucked?

    I'd just run the printhead cleaning program but that'd be a huge faff because I can't get it to work with the modern drivers. So I would need to install Windows XP on an old laptop for it.

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  • I know, i am not used to interpret this hyperbolic langage. But then what happens when a job really does deal with critical issues ?

  • Gotcha!


    I am with the other comments. My first graphic designer job paid 27 and this was many many years ago. At that wage I would expect someone straight out of uni and in that case the ideal would be to put them in an environment that they would be able to learn and grow, with people or systems around that would teach them the career.

    @Muppetteer the ad does read as quite demanding, I think it could be rephrased better. For example no mention of it being for charity. If you are asking people to work overtime I’d suggest adding perks or time in lieu (maybe not needed on the ad). More detail may help you in other areas.

    If you are looking for someone to do what you detailed in the second post I’d suggest 3/4 days a week on the same salary and get someone who is a year or 2 into being a junior designer and is willing to do that type of templated work.

  • I would argue it is. If you are just out of a degree in London. It’s not a lot.


    Maybe if you are very young trying to get into design world, then it's ok, but in that case I think you can't expect comprehensive knowledge of the things you want straight out the gate.

  • Aside from the job I posted getting the hate, the Helvetica movie is free to view until 30th March 2022. It's quite a nice watch.­ica

  • This might be the complete wrong place for this question but....
    Im after some software to learn how to design nets for packaging. Artios cad is the obvious paid choice but my boss really isn't keen on paying obviously. He keeps banging on about Google sketch up ect but I don't think it is really industry standard compaired to artio cad or impact Arden ect. End goal is to be able to design packaging and cut on a kongsberg cutter to see if the nets fit or work.

    Feel like I'm going round in circles as the free lessons or courses are on artios but you need to have a subscription to the software. And that's where my boss isn't interested ahah.

    If all else fails I'll just let him carry on doing it trial and error in illustrator.


  • It was here or modern art… stumbled across this great insta.

  • anyone handy with illustrator / similar please make contact; its been years since I used that stuff and need some graphic / logo stuff sorting!

  • I have these type specimen books leftover from shoots for ecotype foundry. have been moving the box around for a while and was going to send back but was told to recycle them.
    I anyone wants a Scandium and Aonik (the Altform has gone) i have 5 pairs will have to be collected from SE19.
    I have no idea if designers collect this ephemera to put on their vitsoe shelves next to the yellow pencils.

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  • Fun, I could put them in the drawer of doom with all my dalton maags if I was local enough to collect.

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To all you graphic designers / illustrators out there...

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