GPS tech ( Garmin , Hammerhead , Wahoo , RWGPS , etc)

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  • I've only just got round to getting a 1030, and am blown away by how much better it is than the 820 I was using until I got it, so someone's happy at least!

  • haha I think thats the 1030 I bought on impulse then quickly decided it was more than I needed and sold it again. Now I'm wishing I'd kept it. Glad you're happy with it!

  • Ah yes could be 😬 if it helps, I love it! 🥰😂

  • 1030 Plus is much better than the 1030. But the missus is using the 1030 instead of her Wahoo and that seems to be working well for her.

  • Has anyone on here had experience of routes not syncing to a Bolt V2? I have just bought a new one and despite my routes showing in the Wahoo app, they simply will npt sync to the Bolt.

  • over wifi? yeah. check what channel your router's using. 1-9 is good for wahoos.

  • Thanks. How do I do that?

    My old v1 wahoo syncs fine.

  • Thanks. How do I do that?

    My old v1 wahoo syncs fine to the same router though.

  • Well I’ve caved and ordered a 1040.

    I spoke to my uncle this morning and he told me it was daft since I could have had the 1030 that he doesn’t use. Would have been helpful if I knew he had one.

    I’m going to take a punt and keep the 1040 but selling the 1030 on behalf of my uncle now if anyone wants one?
    He said it was bought in late 2018 and he can count on two hands how many times it’s been used… £225 posted
    I’ll make a for sale thread once I have it and take some photos. Pm me if you fancy it

  • This may well already have been covered but here we go.
    Got a Garmin edge explore which I’ve not used in well over a year, have just downloaded the explore app and it’s saying my device is unsupported? Looks like this model is still available to buy so does it need an update of some sort?
    It’ll connect on the garmin connect app but I can’t see how to import a gpx on there.

    Any suggestions welcome. Ideally just want to add a gpx file onto it from iphone

  • I’ve actually just plugged in my explore for the first time in about 8 months today and had some issues getting it synced up but I did eventually. I couldn’t get it to connect to my mac to drag the gpx file across so gave up on that. I then had issue with the Garmin connect app where it kept saying there was an issue but eventually it did sync and my ride is on there. Can’t remember what the issue was though.

  • All that to say I think it should be supported so not sure what the issue may be.

  • Yeah I’ve managed to get it to connect/sync on the Garmin Connect app but no joy getting it to connect on the Garmin Express desktop on windows.

    I’m sure I’m just being daft but it seems weird they won’t support a device they still sell? Maybe it’s just being drowsy after having a flat battery for over a year..

  • I’ve def uploaded gpx files to the device in the past as they’re still on there but can’t for the life of me work out how to do it now.

  • Does it not work like their Edge models where you just drag a GPX file to the NewFiles folder?

    I never used any sync function on any of my Garmins until very recently. #tinfoil

  • Have you tried "send to device"? Open the course on the Garmin Connect web browser, at the bottom of the course details is a button "send to device". Your Edge explore should show up, select it. Then just sync with the iPhone via the App and it will show up on the device.
    The feature isn't compatible with all devices (it just won't show up in the list when you click "send to device" but the edge explore manual says it is.

  • The garmin explore app is not for the edge explore, it’s for the InReach. You need to use Garmin Connect.

  • Has anyone got an old HRM going spare? My Garmin strap is very unreliable these days though the HRM unit itself seems fine

  • My Garmin HRM was getting unreliable too and to find out if it's the strap or the unit I just got a cheap 3rd party one and it turned out to be better than the original, feels more elastic.­VQVD5D/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title­?ie=UTF8&psc=1

  • The magene ones on Aliexpress are good too; although it wont be a quick delivery of course

  • Cheers both @sohi and @atz - appreciate the insights

  • Had anyone managed to get access to a Garmin API as a hobbyist, and if so how much hassle was it?

    It's pretty clear it's only for companies, but I do have one I used for tech contracting.

    I want to get calorie burn out of the Health API as a reasonable approximation of overall energy use.

    I think this includes calories from steps etc from fitness trackers, as well as those from recorded activities. So just using Strava instead won't do it.

  • Anyone experienced Ant+ dropout on an 810? I get it in maybe 1 in 10 rides and only for about 10 seconds. It's definitely Ant+ as speed and power go to zero whilst the HR reading from my watch (Bluetooth) remains consistent.

  • Is there any way to view all of the Wahoo ride analytics on a desktop rather than being forced into using the phone app?

  • You could connect your Wahoo account to to auto upload activities to another service (trainingpeaks or strava, for example) and view data about your ride via their desktop websites. I'll always review workouts in training peaks rather than the wahoo app itself, for example.

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GPS tech ( Garmin , Hammerhead , Wahoo , RWGPS , etc)

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