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  • A Komoot rep is at the event and if I was there I would definitely say something, but in this case I will not mansplain to the organisers. Brother in the Wild last weekend had a code to unlock the region at least, but it's still a right faff.

  • The komoot2gpx app works really well. You can download GPX files from Komoot as long as they're public even if you haven't paid for the map:­ls?id=com.spark71.komoottogpx

  • Events will sell their soul for a half eaten packet of crisps.

  • Spoken like a true event organiser 😂

  • There was a big stack of komoot cards left over after an event I went to once, they had a code for the region. I took like 3 or 4 and it turned out to not be restricted so I was able to unlock the surrounding regions to London.
    No idea how komoot has managed to even become a thing with decent routing options being available either for free or as part of another subscription ie rwgps and Strava

  • komoot still bangs for 'discovery'. Excellent for someone who is new to all this. Way better UX than strava or RWGPS or anything out there. Content is important.

  • Annoying, but if Komoot is paying the organiser they won't do anything to upset them even if it is shit. And individual riders have no negotiation power. There seem to be enough unsophisticated users who love komoot to put up the sycophantic social media posts.
    Eventually they'll either run out of money.

    Edit - @amey I hadn't read your post when I wrote mine so it was not a response to yours! Interesting to hear what the good bits are about Komoot as to me it's shit. But I've not (and will not) invest time in getting the hang of it.

  • Way better UX than strava or RWGPS

    Maybe for finding routes but not for actually planning them.

  • And individual riders have no negotiation power.

    I've got no skin in this game but I reckon it wouldn't take many people to have a whinge before they had to take note and do something. This isn't the first time they've done this. If it happens to an event I'm riding you know damn well they're gonna hear about it.

  • Have you tried the new explore on rwgps? Interested to hear your opinion on it.

    Komoot foes had the advantage they throw a lot of money at people to make routes with photos etc to have on their, hence your right they have had lots of routes you can find that look nice.

  • explore on rwgps­ucing-explore-for-ios-android

    Just tried that. Pretty cool. I hope they improve this on the Desktop version too.

    EDIT: It was literally the first comment on their release post:
    Admin∙April 5, 2022
    Hi Simone, Great to hear from you, and you'll be happy to know that this feature is coming to the web. We've got a bit more work to wrap up before it's ready, but it shouldn't be too long."

  • Ace, that's very handy to know.

  • Yes. I've seen some pipeline stuff and its really good. But I'm biased.

  • It's already the best thing available. I'm happy to keep paying them while they keep improving it.

    Reminds me, I need to go and edit OSM again - found some sealed roads in Poland that are marked as dirt...

  • That looks good. I still prefer the desktop search functionality where I can select by length, start location, etc and then edit the route to fit what I need, but good to have this as well.

    I'm happy to keep paying them as well as I've had over a decade of use out of it, mostly when it was free, and have used it for several hundred routes.

  • God think about the amount of hours we've spent staring at RWGPS over the years...

  • This looks so good, been hoping for a decent unpaved route database.

    RWGPS worth every penny, again.

  • This filtering is maintained on web, but you can just see on a map too, or by list.

  • will check it out!

  • Any better alternatives to a bryton 420 for about £110? I’d like a computer that can do power and heart rate, and ideally something that stops me having to stop all the time to check my phone for maps. Ideally something that doesn’t need charging a lot.

    Had a look at the garmin 530 which looks great but twice the price. In practice how annoying are breadcrumb trails to follow on the road?

  • What a strange move.

  • 101 Shimano.

  • hammer head bought by sram so now they can become officially a shit product

  • Certified Shit™ as opposed to just maybe shit.

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GPS tech ( Garmin , Hammerhead , Wahoo , RWGPS , etc)

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