GPS tech ( Garmin , Hammerhead , Wahoo , RWGPS , etc)

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  • You gonna get a Karoo?

    EDIT: I just went through the list and it's not including older Garmins or any other computers like Powertaps, etc.

  • If anyone wants a £90 trade in discount I could help provide a suitable non-working GPS... PM me.

  • You gonna get a Karoo?

    Unlikely, but I was a bit intrigued by it, as it's basically an Android optimised for cycling - AIUI anyway. But I CBA with the learning curve of another device when there will most likely be some feature that pisses me off about it.

    I just use my phone for everything nowadays. Power bank always plugged in so it's kept fully charged. And I keep my virtually unused Garmin 1030 for any ultra I might get into when I'll need to economise on power.

    TBH I might even use my phone for an ultra but keep the screen switched off and have Garmin 705 on just for the map as 705 screen refresh is so much quicker than 1030. Can switch phone screen on when I need more detail for town centres, etc.

    I should start using those setups and testing how they work. Just the idea of going back to a Garmin screen after having got used to a phone is really unappealing.

  • Battery life is the only downer with the Karoo. I use 9-10% per hour with the screen on full, so 12hrs is probably absolute maximum with the screen dimmed a bit. Having said that it charges pretty quick with USB C so a quick charge from a battery pack during a cafe stop on my very, very occassional longer rides is not the end of the world.

  • Yeah the 1030 is a step backwards but I keep throwing good money after bad when it comes to Garmin. There's still nothing that quite competes though. I often now use my phone for ad hoc routing during races because it's so much quicker than Garmin and usually does a better job at picking the route. Maybe I should look for phones that do ANT+ (or bluetooth depending on which powermeter I'm using) and ditch all the overpriced Garmins. I just know I'm going to buy a 1030 Plus though. It's an addiction.

  • One advantage of the 1030 over the 1000 is that I don't have to think about battery life on rides under, say, 300km which makes the bulk of my riding doable without needed extended battery stuff hanging off the bike. Thinking about it, if the missus is going to do longer stuff this year, Karoo might not be the best option. I'd love to see Garmin move to USB-C and speed up their units though.

  • I'd love to see Garmin move to USB-C

    They will - just after every one else moves to USB-D.

  • It's an addiction

    Sounds like you're in an abusive relationship

  • So Forerunner 945LTE at big just out price, or 945 or other slightly older one at medium slightly discounted price? On-device routing with ease of transfer to device and ability to route follow in the field is key...!

  • I know. I think I've made that comment myself!

  • To be fair with your post count, you've said everything that could ever be said. And then again.

  • 1000 monkeys with a 1000 typewriters ain't got shit on me.

    Still no new Shakespeare though. #sadface

  • Yes, the amazing thing is not so much that you have said it previously but that you can remember all the stuff you have posted!

  • The world is so weird. I’d never heard this phrase ever in my life until today when I heard it on a podcast. I never ever visit this thread. But today, I heard the phrase for the first time and I visited this thread where you mention it. Wild.


    That's so weird, my partner was talking about frequency illusion earlier this morning!

  • Yeah, my memory is weird. I can't remember any phone numbers or people's names or anything to do with work scheduling (that's why I have so many lists) but other random useless shit, I'm golden.

  • Yeah, there's Frequency Illusion. There's also stuff like 'priming' which Daniel Kahneman talks about in Thinking Fast and Slow. It's all quite interesting stuff. If only I knew how to make use of it :)


  • I've been trying to finish that book for years. Not easy going. I even got the audio book, but then just fel asleep.

  • Haha I stopped reading it 3/4 of the way through too. Maybe it's time to revisit.

  • Amazon has the Garmin 530 for 170 quid in their black friday sale, in case anyone is interested.

  • Not a cycling device, but their deal on the Forerunner 245 also seems like a good one. I was tempted, but had a word with myself as there's nothing wrong with my current garmin watch.

  • I was talking to some bloke the other day who said "I don't believe in coincidences".

    I said "Oh my God, me neither!".

  • Been saving some pennies to get a Wahoo Bolt V.2 recently, but Amazon has the Garmin 530 going for £170 with Black Friday, which is pretty mad.

    My main use would be for GPS navigation. In use is either one much better than the other?
    Obviously there are endless reviews and comparisons online but who trusts the internet anyway

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GPS tech ( Garmin , Hammerhead , Wahoo , RWGPS , etc)

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