• That's odd the battery on my 830 has lasted close to 24hrs on navigation mode.

  • Garmin 1030 Plus. Bit pricey though.

  • Seemingly struggling to find a nice solution to mount my Garmin to my Bullmoose bars, being 22.2 all over there is hardly any mounts that fit this diameter. Bar the elastic band mount that comes with most Garmins. Any recommendations?

  • Try a mount designed for TT extensions, but with a Wahoo mount, so the Garmin will be the right orientation once fixed in place. Can recommend a K-Edge TT mount.


    Might have issues if it's a lengthy Garmin as it'll foul the handlebars.

  • If it works like the normal Garmin mount you can just rotate the insert

  • It’s the edge explore I have so is unfortunately one of the longer models. Wasn’t looking for anything too fancy, just seems strange the lack of 22.2 models. Maybe I’ll have to look into a topcap holder.

    @MisterTomTom yes I think most mounts are compatible with both by turning the insert!

  • I just use those bog Garmin mounts - the standard little round plastic bits with two rubber bands. They come with two sizes of bands, one for skinnier bars.

  • Have been using this myself, just wondered if there was anything out front style for 22.2, sometimes feel as though it ends up making the bars look cluttered/an ebike screen!

  • Garmin out front mount + rubber shim.

  • Will do some experimenting, I tried this before but it was a bit wobbly still

  • More rubber or more electrical tape.

  • said the bishop to the nurse.

  • I think you’re right.

  • Also, hippy doesn't like paying £20 for a piece of plastic when some old tail light shims and some bodgery will do.

  • Thanks everyone, I am thinking that a Garmin will be best for me, probably an 830. Also plan to use it for mtb and it sounds like Garmins are easy link to Strava for segments...

  • The only problem with it is 100 segments at a time. I used to spend ages changing them around when I was going to different places I went to regularly. CBA now though.

  • Oh agreed, the k-edge is shy of half what I paid for the Garmin in the first place!

  • I've got stock Garmin mounts on most of my bikes. When I first got the 800 many moons ago I bought a couple of Barfly mounts but they don't work with the 1000 or 1030.

    I've got a funky aerobar mount on the Shiv but that could do with something more aero too. That I would pay money for but the rest of the bikes get what I've got laying around.

  • I’m going to apply your philosophies to my Garmin mounting solutions from now on.


  • "Hammerhead just announced a new short-term promotion where you can trade in your old cycling computer and get up to $170 off a new Karoo 2"


  • Oh agreed, the k-edge is shy of half what I paid for the Garmin in the first place!

    Oh I'd never spend rrp. Bought mine on here for about £20

  • I have a (broken, but the HH Ts and C's don't say the trade in has to be functional) Garmin 1000 which seems to be worth £95 under this promotion. Drop me a PM if you're interested in it.

    I replaced it with a Karoo 2 a couple of months ago and it's a great bit of kit.

  • Glad I kept the knackered Garmin 705!

    EDIT - Rubbish, it's not included

  • I'm kind of wedded to the misery that is Garmin these days. I was going to get a 1030 Plus when I found a cheap one and give her my 1030 but I wonder if my missus could use the Karoo2 instead of her Wahoo Bolt? 12hr battery isn't great but I like that they've moved to USB-C unlike Garmin.

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GPS tech ( Garmin , Hammerhead , Wahoo , RWGPS , etc)

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