• Yep, I love mapping and routing tasks (genuinely!)

  • Ha, good to know, I'll keep you in mind for next time :)

  • Garmin is having a "birthday sale" (yeah sure, or maybe pre Apple Event sale?) and the Edge 1030 PLUS is reduced to £379. Considering I got my 830 for £350 last year, a pretty good deal... https://buy.garmin.com/en-GB/GB/p/704417­

    I might be selling an Edge 830 soon... if the 1030+ is not too big for me that is.

  • Seeing as people were talking about Bolt V2 a few pages back - I got one the other week after finally killing my Bolt v1 by getting leaving it in a wet bag for several days. Used it on a 300k audax at the weekend and seems good. Screen definitely nicer than V1, it automatically routed me to start of ride, etc. Turn by turn directions seemed slightly late, but basically worked fine. Only issue I've found so far is it seems to only like some charging cables, other ones say they're charging but battery level doesn't go up. But USB 3 is now same cable as phone, etc, which is definitely useful. I charged it a couple of times while stopped on the ride, for no more than 15 mins each time and it had around 50% battery left after 17 hours or so.

  • FYI firmware update of Bolt V1 gives you an elevation display on the map page, which was the feature I always wanted and would have upgraded for.

  • I discovered this on Saturday as well - is good but ideally would like to be able to zoom in and out of it, which I couldn't find a way to do, so was often a bit useless beyond giving you a broad idea of climbing to come.

  • I'm maybe just being stupid and can't figure it out looking at them on the Garmin site but do the watches do maps?

    Everything just mentions tracking but doesn't seem to be any mention of guidance?

    I know that a Fitbit can track running and cycling and you can then ping that to strava etc, I want that but also to be able to put in a route to follow.

    I'm currently using an Edge 25 so the mapping on it is basic AF, something of that standard would do, I don't need tons of detail.

    It must exist right?

  • Yeah some do

  • Some do (using TOPOACTIVE) but they are the top end ones like the Fenix 6. The lower end ones don't (such as my Foreruner 35). If you look at the comparison tool on DC Rainmakers site then I think that would give you an idea which models do.

  • Cool, cheers for the DC Rainmaker suggestion.

    I looked at the manual for the one I was looking at (Instinct Solar) and seems it does.

    Would be good to get an overview of which do and don't though.

  • Ended up ordering an Instinct Solar. There was a fair chunk of in Garmin’s birthday sale and that DC Rainmaker comparison tool made it really easy to see that it did the most of what I’m looking for.

    Means I’ll be able to ditch the Garmin mounts from all my bikes.

  • Thats a super good price for what it does. I'm tempted to get one and I didnt think I needed one till now haha.

  • Super happy with my bolt v1 and been advocating for wahoo for years. After 20k km on it, I think it's the best bike related purchase I could've made.

    Now there's an opportunity for me to upgrade to v2 (a friend, working at bike shop offered a good deal) but i'm not sure if it works properly - the dcrainmaker review is a disaster, I wonder if those issues got fixed? Judging from the review and from the things i've heard from a friend it sounds like v1 simply works better.

    Anybody here having absolutely no problems with the new bolt?

  • See 4th post above.

  • Lool, initially i've read the beginning and immediately went a couple of pages back looking for the discussion 😅

  • Would probably stick with v1 unless you actually need a new one.

    Used v2 again Sunday. Map is definitely nicer to look at/easier to read.

    But it had a load of dropouts towards the end of the ride - was raining heavily by then so didn't spend that much time fiddling with it, but suggests they've not totally ironed out issues. I didn't get this the previous week, but that was on a different bike and I think the battery on the speed sensor on Sunday's bike was flat. Strava added 4km onto the ride when I got to it to correct the distance.

  • I finally paid for a ridewithgps premium account and have plotted a route on the app. For some reason it's listed as "route saved. Awaiting upload" and doesn't have its own dedicated link yet.

    Is there another step I need to "upload" the ride?

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  • Should just appear once you've saved it. Try refreshing the page or close/reopen the app.

  • Tried this a couple of times to no avail, plus logging out/in. In the end I restarted my phone twice and finally got it to upload

  • That's an odd one. I know when doing big races I often have to stop/start the offline downloads but I've not had issues with routes uploading (normally I do them on PC though but I did few in Spain recently with no issue). Maybe caught their servers at a bad time, maybe a more local issue with connectivity and then it just got stuck, maybe thinking it was done already.

  • May have been answered before but I couldn't find it anywhere... How can I add turn-by-turn to a 'naked' GPX file?

    Both komoot and rwgps offer this (komoot during the import process, rwgps using their 'trace' tool) but komoot requires the region to be 'unlocked' ($$$) and rwgps trace tool is only available for premium members ($$$).

    Is there a free alternative?

  • Is there a free alternative?

    Simple GPX is a Web-based that allows you to to convert GPX tracks to routes which many devices will then allow turn-by-turn navigation and automatic rerouting:

  • If you have an Edge unit (and I thought even an etrex?) it will do TBT navigation on a GPS track by itself. I never use GPX routes, only tracks.

  • Thanks, I'll try. Not hopeful as I believe my elemnt needs all the cues to be in the file.

  • Can anyone troubleshoot my issue please, I’ve watched endless videos and non quite answer this issue.
    I’ve got Komoot app and planned a route I’m happy with, but then when I add it to wahoo bolt it’s just breadcrumb which is ok but not ideal. What am I doing wrong on Komoot that I can’t get turn by turn directions?
    I’m sure this is really obvious but I’m a massive technophobe and got a banging headache already!

    I resolved this so far by using ride with gps instead for now but would be interested to know how you do it on Komoot too

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