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  • Fair, I do both probably equally and so use the route finder function a lot, don't quite understand why specifying where you might want to finish a route of a certain length isn't catered for!

  • There is a function in the route planner where you start planning a route then in the left import existing, import from file - it brings an existing route straight into the route planner and you can adjust from there. Not immediately obvious and I only clocked it as an alternative to what you've described recently.

  • Yesterday I did an everesting ride up Exedown Hill in Kent. I did 84 reps but for some reason my Wahoo didn't registered speed or distance for the last 5, even though altitude HRM and power kept recording.

    What's the best way to try and recover the file, if it's possible? I wouldn't normally be that bothered, but for a ride like this it feels worth investigating, and also curious what might have caused the issue in the first place

    Recorded on Wahoo Element Roam which has been flawless since I got it a year ago. But I've never done a ride which I have segmented into so many laps, so wonder if this might have caused the confusion. Screenshot of one of the graphs from the Wahoo app showing drop out of distance at the end.

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  • Oh man, that's gutting! Sorry I can't help with recommendations of how to recover the file, but wanted to say that high number of laps shouldn't be the issue. I've everested using a Wahoo Bolt and did over 100 laps with no issue. What you've described is utterly bizarre. Given that all your sensors continued to record, it does sound like the gps chip in the wahoo may have turned off or malfunctioned in some way.

  • Thanks. I'm at peace that I definitely rode the climb (­) 84 times so have scratched the Everesting itch. Would be nice to be able to prove/share it though.

    The data is weirdly inconsistent. The clearest view of the issue I have been able to show is on Garmin Connect, where you can see the last 6 laps missing the location data:­ty/7319090298

    What's odd is that Garmin seems to overwrite the elevation recorded on the device to come up with a different total of 28,434ft.

    It's all totally arbitrary and there doesn't seem to be a huge amount of point stressing about inaccuracies between different GPS recording devices, but on the other hand #ifitsnotonstrava...

  • You did it. Kudos. Don’t tear your hair out.

  • Got the raw file still from the device?

  • have a look in the Strava thread for some tools that may assist in fixing broken files?

    Hold on...

    EDIT: scroll from top of last page to see responses to my query

  • Dunno if it would work on that but, on my old 705, when one of the rubber buttons round the edge disintegrated I managed to fix it with a normal inner tube patch

  • Thanks, that's where I'm at with it too - doesn't appear to be a fix.

    Had a response from Wahoo, from which I gather this is a known issue. For the benefit of others this is their recommended fix:

    "*Thanks for getting in touch.
    At this time I don't have a concrete timeline I can quote for the release of the fix, but I can assure you that we plan on including it in an update soon.
    In the meanwhile, I've linked your ticket to our developer ticket, which helps us track those who are being impacted by this issue.
    In case you encounter this again before our fix is released, you can resolve the issue with the following workaround:

    • Stop rolling and save the ride recording
    • Reboot the ROAM
    • Page over to the MAPS screen, and wait until the "Acquiring GPS" message disappears
    • Load your route again
    • Press start, then start moving*"
  • Had a reasonably major spinal op just under a week ago and I'm planning a lot of walking as part of my rehab. I'd like to be able to count steps and measure distance reasonably accurately and ideally also record where I've been.

    A quick Google suggested that for my c. £100 ideally budget the Fitbit Charge 4 would be a good option but further googling suggests I shouldn't buy a Fitbit because they're shit.

    Garmins seem to be better options - I've been looking at the Garmin Vivoactive 3 which is about the top of what I'd want to spend (£140). Really want:

    • Reasonably accurate distance and step counting
    • Reasonable battery life (at least a week or say 5/6 hours with GPS on)
    • Swimming tracking (indoors)
    • Not fugly

    Ideally would also have pay, notifications, connect to phone reliably blah blah blah. Basically on paper the Charge 4 would be ideal but user reviews suggest they're rubbish.

    Confused by all the options and don't really have the energy at the moment to research for hours either - halp?

  • I've got a vivoactive 3 music and it's perfectly fine for all that stuff I think. I've no idea practically whether the swimming tracking works as I don't swim enough to bother with it. Only side issue is battery life, I reckon I get 4-5 days out of it but I have alerts and stuff on which lowers it a bit.

  • Thanks. I've done more research now, found a bit of extra budget and honed in on the Vivoactive 4s. Will mean a small hit on battery life compared to the full size version but I can definitely live with a week of theoretical battery life (good to hear your real world figures, when I said a week I was thinking spec wise not IRL).

    Partly because I have small wrists and hadn't thought about bezel size - the full size 3 would look a bit daft on me - partly because DC Rainmaker reckons it was quite a step forward, and partly because you can actually buy it in black for a reasonable price at the moment, unlike the 3.

    I'd sort of forgotten that I used to have a Garmin Swim which I was happy with but it leaked water so I took it back for a refund. Garmin's swim tracking all in seems pretty good and there are loads of other things the 4s can do which I might use too.

  • I had a £100+ Vivo thingie and it died after 6 months. I started using MiBand at around £25.

    Bear in mind I only use them to get me to get up and move around so I don't die from a blood clot rather than giving any shits about step counting.

  • Thanks, that's where I'm at with it too - doesn't appear to be a fix.

    I had the same issue when trying to use a ROAM for audaxing. After around 270km the device stops having a gps signal and looses speed readings. I got the same email back from wahoo. Meanwhile my friend with a BOLT had no such issue.

    I loved the ROAM for the colour screen and larger real-estate, but a bit disappointed with the reliability after I'd been singing Wahoo's praises previously for reliability.

  • If it happens again I will try the stop-save-reboot procedure. Interested to know if it works (an easy fix if so, even if a bit annoying). Apart from this one issue I've been nothing but impressed with my roam, Vs the Garmin I had previously.

  • Is there much on-the-road advantage to getting the Bolt V2 over a used V1 at half the price or even new at £70 less? Is there any other computer to consider in the sub-£180 or less range from the other big brands or AliX?
    Not doing anything too advanced, want to record rides for Strava props, connect to speed/cadence/HRM and maps would be useful for when I'm in unfamiliar areas?

  • Is there any other computer to consider in the sub-£180 or less range from the other big brands or AliX?

    Bryton maybe? Lots of people are using it and seem to be satisfied

  • Magene has one (no mapping). The stuff I've got from them is surprisingly good, even the powermeter (broadly lines up with my Turbo and my Vector 3)

  • Bryton maybe? Lots of people are using it and seem to be satisfied

    No navigation for under £190, and even then it's only a breadcrumb trail function.

  • I saw the Magene, and the CooSpo one too. Was about £50 and might do the trick, though little real world reviews.
    @disq I saw the Bryton, also quite intrigued by those, the 750 looks tidy by the 420 is more in budget.

  • Is there much on-the-road advantage to getting the Bolt V2 over a used V1 at half the price or even new at £70 less?

    Given the problems DC Rainmaker had with the V2, I'd go for the V1 anyway.

  • I gave an elemet bolt to a mate and it's 3y old (2018 B/W) and the battery has become total shit. I never used it, and he rarely uses it, anyone else had that?

  • My Bolt is a similar age and the battery life is not nearly as good as it has been in the past. Sometimes I only manage to get 9 hours (with backlight off).

  • Yeah he is getting maybe 4. I thought its a joke, I have older garmins that do better and have had substantially more use.

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GPS tech ( Garmin , Hammerhead , Wahoo , RWGPS , etc)

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